Ready to conquer your first 5K or your fastest half-marathon?  Training for any event - no matter how long the distance - can be a daunting task. You may be wondering "do I have everything I need to get started?" or  "will I have enough time to commit?"

We get it. In the midst of focusing on your career, studying for exams, maintaining your relationships and maybe even starting a family, running and fitness may take a back seat when it comes to this thing called life. But what if you could train without spending your free time obsessing over Google with training questions? 

That's where City Fit Girls come in. Whether you're training on the streets of New York City or in the suburbs of LA, we make it easy for you to train anywhere and anytime with our digital training programs.

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We teamed up with Coach Marcy Gialdo, Certified Road Runners Club of America and USA Triathlon Coach, to create digital 5k and half-marathon training programs that meet your running and fitness needs. Our free programs are great for beginners and can be accessed anywhere you have internet. 

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We Can upgrade you 

Want to take your training up a notch? City Fit Girls co-founder and USATF Level 1 Running Coach Takia McClendon has developed 30-page digital guided training programs to help you run your first 10-Miler/15K or fastest half-marathon. Click on the plans to learn more!

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