Track Workout: Welcome To Thousand Island [1,000M Repeats]


By Takia McClendon

This workout is designed specifically with 10K runners, half-marathoners and marathoners in mind. Instead of relying on shorter 400 meter repeats, this workout goes the distance by pushing you to ‘Thousand Island’ - tough 1,000 meter bouts with a walking or jogging breaks in between each rep.

If you’re new to the track, I recommend opting for one of the following workouts before you try 1,000m repeats:

If you think 1,000m repeats are good for you, grab a pair of comfortable running shoes, a bottle of water and head to the track.

What To Expect on Thousand Island: This workout is not easy. For those looking to tackle longer distances, it’s a great way to work on pacing yourself and digging deep to finish strong at the end of the race.

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The Warm-Up: Run 10 minutes at an easy, conversation pace. Even if you feel like you have a lot of energy, it’s best to save that energy for the actual workout. After you complete the 10-minute run at easy pace, finish off your warm-up with 4 x 100m accelerations with 100m jogs in between. This will help your body transition from easy to harder running.

The Workout: 4-6 x 1000m repeats with walking or jogging 400m break in between each rep. For each 1,000m repetition, run the first 800m at your goal 10K pace. (If you don’t know your goal 10K pace equivalency, check out the Jack Daniels VDOT Running Calculator.) Then run the remainder 200m at an even faster pace.

If this is your first time doing 1,000m repeats or you’re training for the half-marathon or shorter distances, feel free to start with 4 repeats.

The Cool-Down: Finish off with 10 minutes at an easy pace. Be sure to stretch, foam roll and hydrate for proper recovery.

Takia McClendon is the co-founder of City Fit Girls. She’s a Certified USA Track & Field Coach who enjoys leading group runs and track workouts in Philadelphia.