'Weather-Proof' Your Workouts With The Right Gear


As temperatures drop, many folks are forced to move their workouts indoors to stationary bicycles and treadmills - boring! Fortunately, with the right layers, you can stay warm throughout the winter so you can hit the roads, trails, and parks without worry. "Weather proof" your workouts with these tips:

First, you'll need to choose a great base layer. Base layers should be tight fitting, short/long sleeves. 

1. City Fit Girls Performance Shirt - $30 (Right)

2. Mizuno Women's Breath Thermo Base Layer - $60 (Center)

3. NIKE Pro Hyperwarm Infinity - $65 (Left)

Mid layer: A good mid-layer will allow you to control body temperature with a zipper, buttons, draw-strings, etc. It should also be able to fit underneath an additional outer-layer. 

4. Without Walls Fleece Half-Zip Top - $78 (Right)

5. Brooks Women's Essential LS 1/2 Zip III - $65 (Center)

6. NIKE Element Half-Zip - $65 (Left)

Outer layers can get a little pricey but in freezing temperatures, they're quite necessary. A good outer layer will last for a while so don't feel bad about making the investment. Look for an outer layer with thermo and/or wind breaking technology. 

7.Newline Imotion Cross Jacket - $114 (Right)

8. NIKE Shield Flash Running Jacket - $350 (Left)

9. MYTHOS 2.0 Windstopper® Soft Shell LADY Jacket - $200 (Center)

Bonus Items:

10. NIKE Thermal Women's Running Tights - $75

11. New Balance Glow Beacon Vest - $135

12. The Northface Isotherm Windstopper® Tights - $140 [Pictured in header]

Do you have favorite winter gear that isn't listed here? Share them in the comments section below!