Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas...For Yourself


If you haven't already made plans or finalized every detail about how you're going to spend Valentine's Day, don't worry you're in luck.  No need to cry over a break-up or be sad that your significant other has to work or will be out of town. Here's 5 fun things to do by yourself or with friends this Valentine's Day weekend. And if you are in a relationship these ideas will be great for you too. 1. Movie Date (Duh)

50 Shades Of Grey is finally hitting theaters this weekend and if you aren't familiar with the story line you better watch this. Need we say more? An Orange is the New Black Netflix marathon is also a possibility.

2. Ice Skating

Grab your girls and go ice skating. This is a fun and affordable way to enjoy each others company while laughing your butt off when your bestie slips from time to time.

3. Dinner for one 

A good meal should never be compromised because you don't have someone to go with. Go to your favorite restaurant (which already makes you happy anyway) whether you're in a relationship or not. Alternatively, go to a new, fun eatery (where no one will recognize you) that also includes bowling or games.

4. Gym date

You know the feeling you get after a good workout so why not hit the gym? There could be other singles and fun events at your local gym like this one at Unite Fitness: Singles Mingle Workout And Brunch.

5. Staycation

Enjoy a night out on the town with friends and explore your beautiful city. Don't just go home afterwards, stay at a hotel, get a massage and then enjoy breakfast and more the next day. You deserve it.

Being single or without your significant other on V Day does NOT mean you can't totally enjoy it! Be sure to tweet us your Valentine's Day plans @cityfitgirls.