Why You Should Date Someone That Lives A Healthy Lifestyle Too


Your health is very important to you. You make every attempt to make sure you eat right and  look good. Sometime along (or before) your fitness journey, you attract a partner. Great! This person becomes part of your life (the good, bad and ugly) and you become a part of theirs. But how important is it that this person also leads a healthy lifestyle? We say, VERY important. Here’s what to look for in a significant other in the beginning of the relationship:

  1. Does your new partner care about personal health?

Does your partner WANT to live a healthy lifestyle as much as you do? They don’t have to read every fitness blog or workout everyday (like we do) but seeing them read  a health magazine or prep a healthy meal from time-to-time makes you smile inside.

  1. Does your partner have an uncluttered living space?

There’s a saying that how you keep your living space is how you are mentally. Is your partner's living space cluttered or organized? Are there old pizza boxes sitting on the coffee table? If your partner makes it a habit to keep their living space in order or  take browsing trips to Ikea for living room inspiration, you have a keeper!

  1. Your partner has a way to relieve stress and frustration

What steps do they take to live as stress-free as possible? Do they have a subscription with Headspace? Enjoy long runs or yoga? Either way, it’s important for them to have a "go-to" stress reliever that doesn't always involve stressing you out too.

For those of you who have been in a long-term relationship and just started living a healthy lifestyle, here’s a few tips to get your partner motivated too!

  1. Start the conversation (without being "pushy")

Start talking to your partner about fitness and nutrition and let them know it’s a priority for you and you’d like it to be a priority for them too. If they love you (and hopefully their health too) they’ll take you serious and engage in the conversation.

  1. Try gym dates instead of just dinner dates

“Babe, want to go to dinner tonight?” (Boring)  “How about we go to the gym and then I (we) make a nice dinner together this time?” (Fun!)  See what happened there? Spending quality time and creating new memories are key to a (healthy) creative relationship.

How do you and your significant other motivate each other to live healthy lifestyles? Comment below!