Your Strength Training Questions Answered With Veronica Dilzer


We caught up with Personal Trainer Veronica Dilzer about her work at Revolution Fitness. Read on to learn more about how Veronica uses her gym to show her clients the importance of strength training as a part of a healthy workout regimen.

What is Revolution Fitness and how/why did you start it? Revolution Fitness is a fitness boutique located in Lambertville, NJ. After working in “big box” gyms for several years and having the opportunity to learn from amazing mentors, I knew there was a better way to help people discover the way to a healthy lifestyle. After being denied the latitude to explore new avenues of training within the confines of the established gyms, my business partner (also our in-house certified nutrition and wellness coach) and I opened the door to Revolution Fitness in September 2012.

What type of workout can new members at Revolution Fitness expect?

Our facility utilizes unconventional equipment such as the TRX suspension trainer, TRX Rip Trainer, the Ultimate Sandbag, and bodyweight modalities like Animal Flow. We pride ourselves on being a facility that is truly dedicated to movement and helping our clients reach new levels of mobility, strength, and living pain-free, healthy lifestyles.We specialize in athletic development, post injury recovery, and adult group training.

Our adult training sessions focus on functional movements that translate into performing daily life activities more easily, combat common compensation patterns, and correct postural patterns that develop from daily habits.

What tips do you have for women who are starting a new fitness regimen? Don’t get trapped on the dreadmill! A cardio-based fitness regimen is not an effective way to reduce body fat or gain strength. Don’t be afraid to strength train. Start slow and focus on form. Loading a bad pattern will lead to injuries so make sure you learn proper movement mechanics before piling up the weight.

The programming at Revolution Fitness is based around strength training. Increase in muscle mass can have significant impacts on your metabolism, improve movement, and prevent many musculoskeletal issues that are becoming more prevalent in modern day society.

What common fitness mistakes do you see your clients make most? In general, I find that the average client is so inundated with information that they have a hard time separating the good information from the misinformation. Make sure you check your sources!

Train Movements Not Muscles! Workouts should focus on more than isolated muscles - there is more to a workout than bicep curls. Our body is an intricate system of muscle chains that work seamlessly together to perform locomotion, basic movement, and help us function through all of our daily activities (think of how many muscles you use when you pick up a pencil off the floor). Our workouts should enhance the way our bodies move.

Working out is not a substitute for moving. Countless studies have proven that an hour workout, even every day, is not a substitute for moving. Some even go as far as to say “sitting is the new smoking.” Our bodies and brains function significantly better when we incorporate movement into our daily life activities. Most of my clients have desk jobs so I suggest taking frequent breaks from the sitting position. It’s not a solution but it’s a start.

We talked a lot about how you help others reach their fitness goals. What are your fitness goals for the year?

So far, my focus this year has been dedicated to training for the Defy This Indoor Ultra Triathlon. To my knowledge, this is the only “Ironman Distance” Indoor triathlon is the country. This will be my second time competing in this awesome event on May 30th in Fredericksburg, VA. It gives everyone a chance to “try a tri” by giving its participants the option of completing the distance as a team or compete as individual, as I plan to do. If you’d like to join me registration is still open! (

Nice! What does your training program look like?

The training regimen for this event is 7 days a week with alternating swim, bike, and run workouts. The key for me this year, however, will be to maintain my strength and mobility which I admittedly neglected during last year’s training. So far it’s made a drastic difference in my production during my training workouts and recovery time.

I am also committed to improving my Animal Flow practice. “Animal Flow is an innovative new fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines (yoga, parkour, and breakdancing to name a few) to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement” (Global Bodyweight Training website). It has helped me maintain my mobility, flexibility, and stability throughout my training.

How can members of City Fit Girls' network connect with you?

I always welcome questions, comments, and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can connect with me via email at or view our training options at We also have a Facebook page and my Instagram (which is full of workout videos and tips) handle is vdilzer.