Meet Personal Trainer Lydia Halbert

Have you heard?! City Fit Girls is hosting a pop-up bootcamp at Dilworth Park on Tuesday, March 13, 2015. We're excited to announce that City Fit Girls Ambassador Lydia Halbort will be leading the bootcamp alongside City Fit Girls co-founder Kiera Smalls! Read on to learn more about Lydia, her work as a personal trainer & her favorite fitness routines. Tell us about yourself. What do you want the world to know about Lydia? 

I’m a fun, loving girl who just wants to help others feel their best! I am a certified personal trainer, so I really enjoy helping and motivating others to reach their personal fitness goals. I'm also a tech rep for adidas, specializing in the adidas boost technology.

How would you describe your personal training style? 

My personal training style varies depending on the client. Overall, I promote a fun, motivating workout. I want my clients to look forward to exercising; not dread it! Incorporating cardio, resistance and intervals is my focus. My mantra is to burn fat, create muscle and sweat in less than an hour!

 Would could other City Fit Girls expect from a workout with you? 

A typical workout would be to do a quick warm up such as 80 mountain climbers or five minutes on the bike. Then, a full body circuit. For example, there will be six exercises; three of which more cardio focus and the rest strengthening. We would perform each exercise 30 to 50 seconds, with about a 10 second rest in between. We will repeat the circuit 5 times. Super quick, efficient and effective! Then, once we are drenched, we will cool down with some stretches.

Sounds great. What's your favorite "go-to" workouts? 

I really enjoy running, especially when the weather is nice. I run about 20 to 30 miles a week. It depends on what other works outs I have planned for that week. I love running along Kelly Drive in the early morning (when not many people are out).

What's your favorite food? How do you fuel our busy lifestyle? 

Lets see… I eat a lot of fruit. I like to say; I am fruitarian by day and cooked food at night. For breakfast I will eat about 10 navel oranges. For lunch, I will eat about 10 ripe bananas blended with 1.5 liters of water and vanilla drops. Then, for dinner, I eat about 3 pounds of steamed potatoes and a large green salad. I carb up! So many people are afraid of carbohydrates, but they are our body’s fuel. The key is to eat nutritious plant-based carbs for a happy, healthy lifestyle!

Are you currently using any fitness apps or gadgets to track your workouts and activity? 

I am loving my adidas Mi Coach Fit Smart. It is an activity tracker that allows you to set training plans and have one-on-one training with the personal training tool. It has a heart rate monitor built in and a LED martix display. It is really cool.

What about your favorite gear? What are your fitness must-haves? 

My go-to fitness gear are my adidas boost sneakers. If you have not tried them before, then get to your nearest run shop or sporting goods store, and give them a go! They have individual energy capsules, in the midsole, that are heated and steamed together. This technology provides an endless supply of energy in every step. They feel extremely light, but provide a great amount of support and adaptability. I truly feel like I can run faster and longer. It is incredible! And they last about 1,000 miles. Insane! The newest boost sneaker is the ultra boost. They are my new favorites, and they are really stylish.

What advice would you give someone starting a new fitness regimen? 

My biggest piece of advise is to start slow and to not rush into it. It is important to set yourself up for success. If someone is just starting to run, the last thing they should do is run fast, 5 mile runs every day. The goal is to start slow and be patient. They need to get their feet, legs and entire body strong before doing anything too strenuous. Also, it is less likely they will get injured. The same goes for weight lifting, cycling, swimming, etc.

You can find Lydia at and follow her on Instagram at @lydhal.


Please consult with your physician before trying any new fitness or diet regimen.