City Fit Girls Run Club April 2015 Calendar

Hey City Fit Girls! Race season is upon us and we know that many of you will be participating in 5Ks, Half-Marathons and Marathons this year [AWESOME!] To make sure everyone makes the most of City Fit Girls Run Club, we'll be adding in more special events, resources and training opportunities so that you can continue to have great fun runs and develop as an athlete! In case you're wondering, City Fit Girls Run Club will ALWAYS be open to all fitness levels - no runner will be left behind. Upcoming Runs [City Fit Girls Run Club meets on Wednesdays at 6:30PM for a 3-mile run in front of Dilworth Park Information Center unless stated otherwise]

  • April 1st: Meet at Dilworth Park for an easy run and end at Eat-A-Pita (On 12th Street between Sansom and Walnut)
  • April 8th: Meet at Philadelphia Runner (16th & Sansom) for an easy run with Nike! Arrive around 6:15PM to grab a pair of test shoes and be entered in a raffle to win a FREE pair of sneakers!
  • April 15th: Meet at Dilworth Park (4 mile interval run optional)
  • April 22nd: Meet at Dilworth Park  (4 mile interval run optional)
  • April 29th: Meet at Dilworth Park for an easy run and end TBA for a pre-Blue Cross Broad Street Run treat!!

What's new? This month, we'll be incorporating warm-ups, cool downs, and other training methods in our group runs to help you stay injury free.

  • Warm-Ups: Warming up gives your muscles, bones, and joints a chance to loosen up. We'll warm up between 6:30PM-6:35PM.
  • Easy Runs: You should be able to hold a conversation during City Fit Girls easy runs (Most of our runs fall in this category) - with practice, you'll be able to complete an easy run without feeling too winded.
  • Interval Runs: Once or twice/month, we'll incorporate fartleks into our runs. A fartlek workout is a series of faster pickups with recovery intervals in between. These runs will be catered to runners at all levels/paces!
  • Cool down: We'll end our group runs with time to stretch! This will help with recovery and help keep you injury free.

Outdoor Bootcamp: Join us for a FREE outdoor bootcamp on Tuesday April 14th at 6:00PM at Dilworth Park. This one-hour bootcamp will focus on strengthening your core. 

We're looking forward to an awesome month with you all! If you haven't done so, please follow us on Twitter @CityFitGirls for Run Club updates and cancellations. Use the hashtag #cityfitgirls and #cfgruncrew when sharing photos about Run Club!

City Fit Girls Run Club is recommended for runners at all levels. If you are unsure about your ability to participate in the group, be sure to contact your physician before participating in any new fitness program.