Hit The Swimming Pool With These 5 Tips

Coach Kelcey of Swim Philly

Coach Kelcey of Swim Philly

Whether you're looking to switch up your fitness routine or thinking about training for your first triathlon, hitting the pool for a few laps is a perfect way to diversify your training program. Swimming is a low-impact workout that can combines cardio and strength-training (hello abs!) -- making it ideal for those looking for an exciting workout in between running and weight lifting. City Fit Girls Ambassador and Swim Coach, Kelcey has been swimming competitively for 16 years. After learning that many people in Philadelphia don't have access to swimming pools/lessons, she's been on a mission to provide swim lessons and guidance to those looking to get started in the pool.

Check out these tips from Coach Kelcey of Swim Philly for entering the world of competitive (or leisure) swimming:

1. Practice makes perfect so try getting in the water at least 2 times a week -- Does your gym or local recreation center have a pool? Try searching for community centers in your city that make swimming affordable (and fun).

2. Make sure your stroke is efficient - If you can afford to hire a coach, get one! If you can't afford private lessons, find out if group sessions are available at your local pool and have a professional help you with your form.

3. Get someone to video tape your stroke - If you want to improve, you'll definitely want to see how you look on film. This is a perfect time to drag your bff to the pool to snag a video...and a few Instagram flicks.

4. Diversity in your workout is important - It allows you to develop different skills and have fun.

5. Celebrate your accomplishments - In competitive swimming, we consider even a second of improvement in your lap a huge accomplishment, no matter how big or small.

Want to learn more? Visit Kelcey's website at www.swimphilly.com for more information. Kelcey is a US Masters Certified Coach, Red Cross Certified Lifeguard and holds a B.S. in Exercise & Sports Medicine.