Bring City Fit Girls Run Club To Your City!

We're growing and we need your help! Last September, we launched City Fit Girls Run Club in our home town of Philadelphia. Every Wednesday, runners of all levels - first time 5k runners, triathletes, and even ultra marathoners - gather at Philadelphia's City Hall for a fun, no pressure 3-mile run. Since the start of our Run Club, many of our members have reached their fitness goals and made new friends along the way. We've decided that it's time to spread the LOVE! Click here to bring City fit Girls Run Club to your city or read below for details!  What is City Fit Girls Run Club? City Fit Girls Run Club is an all-levels (all paces) run crew for women (18 and older).  We're a resource for new and experienced runners and at our heart, we're an active and supportive community of women who love fitness. Our members run with us because:

  • They're training for a fun run or timed race
  • They're looking for a supportive group of women to run and workout with
  • They have a great time at City Fit Girls events
  • They want to inspire and encourage each other along the way of their fitness/running journeys

How can I bring City Fit Girls Run Club to my city? Click here to register your city as a candidate for City Fit Girls Run Club. We're expecting to receive an overwhelming response from women across the U.S. so the more people requesting in your city, the better.

How will we determine which city is best to launch City Fit Girls Run Club? Our goal is to launch City Fit Girls Run Club in major cities across the continental U.S. In the meantime, we're looking for 2-3 cities that meet the following requirements:

  • Supportive infrastructure (think long pathways, running trails, traffic lights at major intersections, etc.) that will allow runners at all levels to complete a 3-mile -no pressure- run
  • Easily accessible meeting location to make getting to run club a piece of cake. Meet-up location should be accessible via bike, train, and or bus (go green!)
  • A growing or thriving fitness community to support you along the way
  • A few great leaders to lead monthly (and eventually weekly) City Fit Girls group runs

My city already has a run group, can we still launch City Fit Girls Run Club? Yup! We started City Fit Girls to connect women with local fitness trainers, studios, and resources. Our members participate in many run clubs and fitness groups. We're not here to compete, just to grow the fitness and running community.

How can I lead City Fit Girls Run Club group runs? If you're interested in leading group runs, let us know when you sign up. If your city is selected, we'll reach out to you via e-mail to learn more about your interest. Each group needs at least two co-leaders to start. Leaders will be trained on City Fit Girls Run Club policies, safety guidelines, etc. if they are a good fit. Please note that all City Fit Girls Run Club co-leaders must follow City Fit Girls and be active on Instagram (Facebook and Twitter are a plus).

Would you like to learn more about City Fit Girls Run Club? Click here.

Remember, our run club is open to women of all fitness levels and paces. Are you new to running? Check out our Running 101 Guide! 

Ready to bring City Fit Girls Run Club to your city? Click here. 

We're looking forward to growing our community with you!