Speed Work: A Look Inside A Track Athlete's Training Program


New and seasoned distance runners alike share a common goal to run faster. Whether you're trying to place 1st in your age group or beat your own personal record (PR), running just a bit faster than you did in your previous 5k or half-marathon feels like a major accomplishment.

City Fit Girls Run Club will be incorporating interval training in our group run schedule -- starting with a session with Adriana Lanuto, a seasoned sprinter who runs 5-6 days a week. Get to know Adriana in this quick Q&A and incorporate her tips in your running program. 

When did you first start running? What is was your favorite distance? 

Adriana: Ever since I can remember, my brothers and I would always challenge each other to races where ever we were.. parks, backyard, etc.. My favorite distance is the 400 meter dash.

What has been the highlight of your running career?

Adriana: My junior year of high school was probably the highlight of my career. I had finally broke 58 seconds in the open 400 meter dash and broke 57 seconds in the 4x400m. I was getting frustrated for years because I could not break 59 seconds in the open 400, I thought I would never accomplish it. Then once I PR'd in State Sectionals, It was all history and I just kept going faster.

What was the last long distance race you did and what was your goal?

Adriana: The last race I trained for was the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I had never raced longer than a 5k in cross country and a 400 meter in track so it was really important to me to finish. That's all I was focusing on throughout the entire  race, just finishing. And what an amazing feeling it was to cross that finish line!

What does your current weekly training program look like?

Adriana: I like to run 5-6 days a week and incorporate weight and resistance training: Long runs 3-5 miles, hill repeats, interval training, short runs 2-3 miles, and 3 days out of the week I focus on weight training at the gym/outside by the river.

What are your training "must-haves"?

Adriana: I always love running in a Moving Comfort sports bra. I wear Features socks  (once I tried these on, I threw out all my cotton ones). As far as apparel goes, I'm obsessed with the Better Than Naked line from North Face, especially in this heat! I run in so many different brands of shoes and it depends on what my work out is but my favorites are: Adidas Adistar Boost,  New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, Mizuno Wave Rider, and the Brooks Adrenaline.

What tips do you have for runners looking to race their personal best? Any tips on how to PR?

Adriana: Don't over train, give your body rest! There were many times I PR'd after 2 full days of rest, no running what so ever just stretching the day of the race. Sometimes, our body knows best and we just need to listen. It's also important to accept the fact that your going to feel a burn during your work out. I always tell myself that the burn is just temporary, the results are the reward.

What small change can runners implement today to help them become a better runner?

Adriana: Running form and breathing properly during sprints are very important. Hydrate a lot through the day before and after your run/workout. These are small things that are always overlooked but it goes a long way! Most importantly... have fun doing it!