City Fit Girls Guide To #FitRetreatPHL


Hey ladies! The countdown to --sold out-- FitRetreat is on. For those of you who were able to snag tickets, we decided to put together a quick, fun guide to help you make the most of your FitRetreat experience. Just follow these tips and we guarantee you'll make the most of your day!

Fitretreat is kicking off Friday August 21st at New Balance - Philly at 6:30PM with a group run and shopping party! You'll also be able to pick up your tank and meet some new friends. Remember, there is very limited parking! We strongly encourage you to seek other modes of transportation.

Now for the tips.....

  • Plan ahead. Did you know the FitRetreat schedule is available online? We recommend you print the schedule (or grab a copy at our Friday night pre-party) and highlight the sessions you plan to attend. Important: Classes that are limited will have a sign-up sheet during registration on Friday and Saturday. Be sure to make sure your name is on the list or you won't be able to take the class! -- Our advice? Be sure to have a back-up plan if your class is full.

  • Check in on Friday night. Skip the line on Saturday morning and pick up your shirt and registration info at our Pre-Party. Why? Well a few reasons --- 1) As mentioned above, you'll have first dibs on signing up for limited sessions. 2) New Balance was generous enough to offer us a 20% in-store discount so you can grab cute gear and footwear!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast on Saturday morning. If nothing else, please be sure to properly fuel your body for FitRetreat. A healthy, balanced breakfast and lots of water will be key to you enjoying your day. Without enough nutrients, your body will shut down -- you'll feel dizzy, get a headache, and maybe even vomit! Our friends at Nature's Bakery will be providing a VERY light breakfast and sweetgreen will be providing lunch but you'll be burning a lot of calories so please prepare in advance.

Here's a list of 34 Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mornings from the Greatist. You'll have to like at least one of these options.

  • Dress appropriately. Can we start by saying that it's ok to wear your FitRetreat tank? In fact, we encourage it! If you decide to wear something else, make sure you choose loose fitting workout gear. Shorts, tights, tanks and moisture wicking t-shirts are recommended. Athletic shoes are required.

  • Interact with the vendors at FitRetreat. We've invited some of the region's best fitness/wellness professionals. They'll be spending their day with us so be sure to stop by their tables throughout the day to chat and maybe sign up for a new class or try a new products.

  • Know your limits. But don't be afraid to push beyond them. FitRetreat is about challenging yourself to try and to learn new things. With that said, if you find something to be too challenging, skip it. Your well-being is our top priority. Trust us, it's a judgement free zone. Whatever the case, be sure to encourage and motivate the women around you. You never know if your cheer can help someone get to the next level.

  • Make the most of 'Retreat'. Yes, there will really be massages and mimosas! But also meditation, skin/beauty workshops, yoga and amazing vendors to interact with. If you choose not attend a Retreat session, that's cool too.

  • Don't be shy. Even if you're coming with a group, we encourage you to meet someone new. City Fit Girls is a network for women who love fitness. We encourage you to introduce yourselves to each other and exchange Twitter handles, blogs and whatever else you deem fit.

That's it! Follow these tips and you're on your way to having an awesome experience. Don't forget to use the hashtag #cityfitgirls and #FitRetreatPHL when sharing your photos on social media!