City Fit Girls Run Club Is Kicking Off In...Chicago!


That's right ladies! City Fit Girls Run Club is heading to Chicago! Join City Fit Girls on Wednesday September 30th for our first 3-mile group run! Is the suspense killing you?: We're not dropping all the details yet (time and location) but if you want in on this inaugural Chicago City Fit Girls Group Run -- and we hope you do -- sign up for updates here.

Overwhelmed with excitement? Us too! We'll send you all the information you need within a few weeks! In the meantime, save the date (September 30th) and keep your evening open.

Not in Chicago? No worries. NYC & Washington, D.C. are kicking off in October! Sign up for details here. 

What you need to know about City Fit Girls Run Club: 

  • All runs are 3-4 miles unless noted otherwise.
  • ALL PACES ARE WELCOME- We follow a "no runner left behind" policy!
  • City Fit Girls Run Club is for women (generally 18 and up)
  • Why do we run? Our goal is to help make running enjoyable and fun! Don’t worry about how long it will take or what others will think, we’re here to have a good time. All you have to do is show up.
  • How do I sign up for more information? Be the first to find out about Chicago, New York City, and Washinton, D.C. group runs here! 
  • Are you new to running? Check out 'How To Start Running', a City Fit Girls Guide to get started.