"Weather Proof" Your Workouts With The Right Gear (Winter 2015)

As temperatures drop, many folks decide to take a few months off from the great outdoors to staying indoors – boring! Fortunately, with the right layers and right mindset, you can stay warm throughout the winter so you can hit the roads, trails, and parks without worry. We've complied some of our favorite gear to keep you outdoors and on track:

Base Layers:

First, you’ll need to choose a great base layer. Base layers should be tight fitting, short/long sleeves. 

  1. Nike Pro Warm ($65)
  2. Wazzie Wool by Oiselle  ($96)
  3. UA ColdGear® Cozy Crew ($44)

Mid layer: A good mid-layer will allow you to control body temperature with a zipper, buttons, draw-strings, etc. It should also be able to fit underneath an additional outer-layer. 

  1. Performance Merino Half Zip ($119)
  2. Brooks Women's Drift 1/2 Zip ($95)
  3. Beyond the Run Climaheat Hoodie ($100)

Outer layers can get a little pricey but in freezing temperatures, they’re quite necessary. A good outer layer will last for a while so don’t feel bad about making the investment. Look for an outer layer with thermo and/or wind breaking technology.

  1. Women's Torpedo Jacket ($99)
  2. Best Defense Jacket GORE-TEX® ($279)
  3. Nike ShieldRunner Flash ($350)

Once your apparel is set, check out a pair of weather-proof running shoes and gloves to keep your hands and feet warm too!

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