Hit The Pool: Create A GREAT Swim Workout With These Tips


By Kelcey Johnson

Are you considering running a triathlon or adding swimming to your fitness routine to stay in shape? No matter what your goal is, adding swimming to your workout rotation can benefit your body. In 'Hit The Swimming Pool With These 5 Tips', we caught up with Coach Kelsey to discuss a few key points about adding swimming to your workout routine. In this post, Kelcey discusses specific areas to focus on in the pool to reach your specific needs and goals.

First things first. Set a goal! What goal are you working towards during your pool workout? Do you want to swim a longer distance, faster speed, or with a more efficient stroke? Maybe you just want to be more comfortable in the pool.

Either way, set a small and achievable goal at that allows you to measure your progress so you walk out of that pool feeling like you crushed it.

Break it down. As a competitive swimmer, we tend to have themes for a workout. For example, Mondays are for distance, Wednesdays are for speed, and Fridays are for stroke critique. Working on one aspect of swimming at a time tend to make things way more manageable in the pool.

Trust me, the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed.

Next I'm gonna give you a few swimming focuses that every swimmer - beginner or professional - can work on/improve on in the pool.  Feel free to tailor the workouts to your specific goals and needs!

  1. Creating an efficient stroke: The best way to practice this is by including a few drills in your routine. I included my video (below) on how to stretch out and get the most of your freestyle. Their are hundreds of drills out there and I'm sure you will find one that helps better your stroke.

  2. Speed: The more you swim the more you learn about how truly fast you can go. Practice a small amount of sprint work in the pool. I'm sure you will truly impress yourself with how fast you can go!

  3. Distance: The more yards you swim, the longer you spend in the pool! Since longer (distance) swims are a bit of a challenge, you should still mix it up! Diversify the workout with different strokes, a variety of distance, and even a kick set so that it feels less of a challenge and more fun.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB3ULDt8SnU]

Are you new to the pool? Check out Coach Kelsey's 5 Tips To Hit The Swimming Pool. You can find out more about her coaching at swimphilly.com.

Are you thinking about adding swimming to your workout? Let us know in the comments section below and share this blog with your fit friends!

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