5 Things You Need To Kickstart Your Training


Training season is underway and if you're gearing up for a 5k, half or full-marathon, you're going to want to make sure you have a few running essentials. Check out our list of "must haves" before starting your new training program. 

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Foam Roller (or Massage Stick):

Recovery is very important yet it's overlooked by many runners. As tempting as it may be to skip your post-workout stretch, we highly recommend you spend at least 15 minutes a few days a week rolling out those tight spots with a foam roller or other recovery device.

A good pair of running shoes:

We can't stress this enough. You'll be able to accumulate a few miles in an old shoe but as you start to pick up the miles, you'll put yourself at risk for injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints and runner's knee.

GPS Watch (We love Garmin!):

If you're anything like us, tracking your miles, distance and pace can help motivate you to improve your running. If you're just starting out, using an app like Map My Run or Nike Training Club will do the job but if you'd like more concrete data, consider one of the following watches by Garmin.

  • Forerunner 25: Tracks distance, pace, heart rate (with a strap) and calories (see photo)
  • Forerunner 235:Tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate (wrist based) and more
  • Forerunner 630: Tracks distance, pace, heart rate (with a strap), calories, touchscreen,stress score, performance condition and lactate threshold (Great for someone training for a full or ultra-marathon)

Training Journal:

We may be a little biased here, but we highly recommend the Lauren Fleshman Believe Training Journal. This interactive journal gives you more than enough space to track and rate your runs/workouts, reflect on your training programs and grade your races. Not to mention it has workouts, speed training tips and quotes throughout the book to keep you motivated.

Training Program: 

Of course you can just "wing it" but we recommend sticking to a training program to help keep you on track and injury-free.  We teamed up with Coach Marcy Gialdo to create the City Fit Girls Beginner Half-Marathon Training Program. Sign up for City Fit Girls training tips and get access to our training program!

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