Trainer Diaries: Meet NYC Fitness Model & Instructor Lauren Williams


By Takia McClendon

NYC --- meet your newest obsession. Raised in North Carolina and now in New York, Lauren Williams is a Personal Trainer/Instructor and fitness model. You may have seen her inside of popular magazines like Self and Women's Health, and in Nike Women ads and videos. Lucky for us, our girl Lauren squeezed some time in her busy schedule to answer a few (okay.. a lot!) questions about fitness, habits, nutrition and more. Full warn. After reading this, you'll want to re-evalute your level of badassness.

When did you first fall in love with fitness? I started ballet when I was 2 years old. My mom took me to watch a class and it was love at first sight. I basically lived at Bounds Dance Studio in North Carolina until we moved when I was 14. It's no surprise I'm back to wearing tights everyday!

What does your daily/weekly fitness routine look like? I aim to get in six sessions a week as a baseline. I do two high intensity/sports performance sessions at Tone House (the studio where I teach). I hit two yoga classes a week, most often hot vinyasa and I do two strength training sessions on my own with weights or body weight, often adding in some intervals for cardio. My goals for this year are to add dance and running into the mix.

How did you get involved in (fitness) modeling? I actually stumbled upon a casting for a teen magazine makeover shoot. I went to the casting on a whim and booked it. The shoot went well and I loved it so much that I asked the editor about getting into modeling and it took off from there. The editor who booked me on that shoot set up meetings with agents for me. The rest is history...

What's a standard workday look like for you? Everyday is pretty different but a typical busy day might start with an early morning personal training session, then I will head to Tone House to teach class. Next I will likely have some lunch time training sessions and some castings or meeting. Somewhere between lunch and dinner I will get in a workout. I usually have evening sessions or classes. Then home to rest, relax and regroup.

What studio(s) do you like to go to and why? Tone House is great, not just because I work there, but also because it's an amazing workout that gets you to push your limits in a supportive environment. I also love y7 yoga - the energy, the heat, the music are fantastic and so invigorating. Other than that most of my studio choices are based on taking different classes that my friends teach or going with friends to take classes.

Favorite fitness brand (clothing) and favorite juice spot? Nike is my fav if you can't tell from my Instagram and my closet :) but there are so many great fitness brands out there. It's a great time to be wearing leggings as your daily uniform.

I'm a big fan of Juice Press. I love their Fountain of Youth Smoothie. I'm also a big fan of The Squeeze. They have a juice truck that is in union square in the summer time. It's the best treat ever to run into these guys.


What's your ideal breakfast? Favorite on-the-go meal? My favorite breakfast meals at the moment would be oatmeal with banana and raisins, breakfast salad with boiled eggs (if I'm being really good), or a breakfast burrito (if I'm going all out). On that note, burritos in all of their forms and all of their cultural variations (roti, wraps, kati rolls) are may be my favorite on-the-go meal in general. But if my chief goal is super healthy eating, nothing beats an on-the-go salad. I have a collection of cylinder containers that fit perfectly in my backpack and my hand for on-the-go healthy living.

What keeps you motivated? My family, my friends, my clients and my fit fam. Being surrounded by driven, positive, persistent , healthy people helps me keep things in perspective on a daily basis. Also, training my clients keep me motivated. Since I am constantly talking to them about their goals and staying on track, it helps me stay in touch with my own goals and motivation.

How do you celebrate achieving a fitness goal and how do you overcome your failures --- or shortcomings? Talking about my failures and shortcomings with close friends and family is really helpful. First it helps not to keep the disappointment or stress to yourself, it is good to find ways to release it so you can move on. When you talk about it you almost always find someone that can relate, so you don't have to feel alone. I have to always remind myself that failure is the best teacher; if I want to grow than failing is just part of the deal.

I like to celebrate my achievements with bubbly! (lol) Or really anything sparkling: sparkling water, sparkling grape juice, sparking cider, kombucha. Celebrations call for bubbles and a toast to life :)

-- Want to learn more about Lauren? Follow her on Instagram @lajoy224. She is also taking over our Instagram account next week!!

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