Chewbacca, Give Me Strength: Star Wars 10K Recap


By Chris Katt

Working for a runDisney charity team means it's always a game time decision of whether I will run or not during race weekends. This was no different for the Star Wars 10K, and I was not at all prepared to make that call on my own.

I am a runner in the sense that I can run, though I don’t do it regularly. 2016 has been an especially slow start, and prior to this past weekend, I had run a collective 3.1 miles this year. When I was offered a slot in the 10K race, I was hesitant to accept, however, I was volun-told that it would be good for me and that my supportive manager had already accepted on my behalf.


Trudging over to the start line at 4:30 AM with #regrets, I was grumbling about my lack of preparation and how I was most likely going to perish. I was considering turning around and heading back to bed when I happened to bump into one of my charity runners. She was running the 10K as well as the Half Marathon the next day. Chipper and bouncing around in her Princess Leia buns, she talked to me about her experience running with the charity and her experiences in past Disney races. Her enthusiasm and her excitement that I would be running with her was the exact pick-me-up I needed, and I was happy to enter my corral with a costumed friend by my side.

Racing with runDisney is truly an experience to behold. This was my second 10K with Disney (and in general), and it was just as magical as my first, more so in that I actually was aware of my surroundings. The thousands that come out for all events take your breath away; The replica of Arizona red rock mid-race is inspirational (that it coincided with ‘Circle of Life’- my embarrassing power song- on my race playlist was a happy accident); And running through Cinderella’s Castle at sunrise will be forever etched into my mind.


Though physically I was unprepared for the race, the sight of a man(?) in a full Chewbacca ensemble kept me going because if a man who, I’m sure, was sweating to high heaven beat me in this race, I would have never forgiven myself. Though I don’t know who he (possibly she) was, I dedicate my race to that insane individual running in a fur suit, for inspiring me to run longer, and run faster. My time was 1:09- better than my last 10K time- and I finished strong with a 9 minute mile.

The difficulty in completing the race has been my inspiration to get back to work. I’ve now registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon, and will compete in the Pixie Dust Challenge (10K+Half Marathon) for AACR in May.

Here’s to doing great things... Onward.

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