Where To Take Your Next "Spin" Class


By Takia McClendon

If you binge watched 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt', it's likely you've laughed hysterically at the series' parody of SoulCycle. The candles, motivational mantras and "Spirit Cycle" instructor Tristafe were all pretty funny takes on the popular boutique indoor cycle studio.

But is that what it's really like to take an indoor cycling class? Yes and no. The dark room, loud music and "feel good" vibes were accurate but most indoor cycling studios offer their own twists on indoor cycling. If you're looking for a cardio-workout that strengthens your quads, hamstrings, calves, core and builds endurance (yes, please!) then indoor cycling, sometimes referred to as spin, can be a great class to try.

Check out this list of indoor cycling studios in Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and beyond to find out where to take a spin class near you. 

Photo via Soul Cycle

Photo via Soul Cycle

Multiple Cities (Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, D.C. and more)

FlyWheel Sports (Chicago, D.C., NYC, Philadelphia and more!): For competitive riders, FlyWheel may be the place for you. With its stadium style seating and top notch technology, you can compete with other riders in the class using the Torq board to track your score (with your nickname, of course). Feel free to opt out of the Torq board and track your performance on your iPhone and get rewards at the end of the month through the Power Up program. Learn more about Flywheel here.

Peloton Cycle (New York City, Chicago & everywhere*): Wondering what the asterisk is about? If you can't make it to Peloton Cycle in New York City or to Studio Three in Chicago, you can still saddle up your stationary bike and stream a class with badass instructor Robin Arzon...at home! Peloton offers high energy classes for all fitness levels. Whether your looking to ride with pro-cyclists or looking to party with live DJ classes, Peloton likely has a class for you. Learn more about Peloton Cycle here.

Revolve (New York City & Washington, D.C.): With it's "performance-based and results-driven" method, Revolve uses resistance training, speed and form-focused workouts to help riders make the most of each class. Learn more about Revolve here.

SoulCycle (Chicago, D.C., NYC and more!): The rumors are true. Michelle Obama takes classes at SoulCycle. For $28-$32 (yikes), you can experience this 45-minute full-body indoor cycling workout too. Like a few other studios, SoulCycle instructors add hand weights and core workouts to their routines to give you more bang for your buck. Learn more about SoulCycle here.

Photo via Vibe Ride in Atlanta Georgia

Photo via Vibe Ride in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Region Only

Vibe Ride Indoor Cycling: Vibe Ride enables and empowers its members to define fitness for themselves by building a fitness community dedicated to consistent improvement in an open, supportive and dynamic environment. Click here to learn more about Vibe Ride Indoor Cycling. 

Photo via Ciclo Studio in Philadelphia

Photo via Ciclo Studio in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Region Only

Body Cycle Studio (Center City Philadelphia):  Body Cycle Studio combines your favorite elements of spin --loud music, rockstar trainers, and great workouts -- without the pressure that you may feel at more competitive studios. There are no weights or resistance bands so the entire session is you and your bike. And if you have a hard time clipping in and out of your bike, you can wear your gym trainers to class without feeling out of place. Learn more about Body Cycle Studio here.

Cycle Brewerytown (Brewerytown):  Explicit describes more than the just the language used in this studio's music -- it's emblematic of their intentions. Their mission is clear, revolving around three things: community, good music, and a dope ride. Learn more about Cycle Brewerytown. 

BMP Fitness (Fairmount): BPM Fitness is located at 1808 Spring Garden Street in the newly renovated North x Northwest Towers, formerly Museum Towers, in the historic Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia. Sitting directly next to the Community College of Philadelphia, BPM Fitness is a short walk from the Spring Garden station on the Broad Street Line and is walking distance from Whole Foods, the Art Museum, the Franklin Institute, and many other landmarks in the city. Learn more about BPM Fitness. 

The Wall Cycling (Manayunk): The Wall Cycling provides intense, calorie-killing workouts in an environment that is vigorous, fun and not only keeps you fit physically, but mentally as well. Started by indoor cycling junkies, The Wall Cycling Studio is the first and only of its kind in Manayunk and the surrounding area. Learn more about The Wall Cycling studio here. 

Washington, D.C. Metro Area Only

Biker Barre (Washington, D.C.): If you're looking for a studio that offers more than just indoor cycling, Biker Barre may be the place for you. The studio hosts a variety of barre and cycling classes that work for all fitness levels. The signature class, Bike: Ride is a 45 minute intense class with awesome music and non-stop fun. When you're done class, stop by the Biker Bar for conversation and free-wifi. Check it out here.

Off Road D.C.: Off Road is more than your average indoor cycling studio. In addition to their 30-50 minute indoor cycling sessions, they also offer boxing classes and strength building classes. Learn more about Off Road here. 

Don't see your favorite indoor cycling studio listed? Mention it in the comments below so we can check it out! 

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