City Fit Girls x Under Armour Women Focus Group

Weather should never get in the way of logging your miles. Even on the coldest Wednesday evenings, our Philadelphia Group Runs meets for 3 fun miles through the city.  Why the dedication? Usually,  it's not the temperature that stops us from running, it's the running gear. 

So when we had the chance to run and chat with UnderArmour Women's Run Apparel Product and Design team to talk about their Fall/Winter 2017 line, we jumped for the chance to share our thoughts on winter running apparel. 


Weather Proof

How do you know what athletic brands are perfect for you? With so many choices out there, it's hard to keep up to date on just one. Brands release updated apparel and running shoes  all the time. If you're like us, you want to know about the latest technology that's designed to help you perform your best.

In our Focus Group with Under Armour,  we talked about our struggles with finding good running gear, our thoughts on winter running and checked out samples from their Fall/Winter 2016 line.  We were very happy that Under Armour reached out to us. It shows their commitment to making quality products with women runners in mind.

We asked a few runners to also tell us their thoughts on the samples they viewed and Under Armour in general.

Here's what we thought:

"I usually affiliate the Under Armour brand with football and lacrosse not so much running.  The City Fit Girls focus group really shows Under Armour wants to be the "go-to" running apparel for women. The samples were on point and the vest was something I would buy! I think the prices are reasonable as well." - Amy H

"I love that Under Armour had us, the runners, in mind while designing cold weather gear! A fashionable and functional winter running outfit is hard to come by so I'm glad we had the opportunity to give input!" - Abigail P

"I LOVED the white vest and jacket they had us check out, can't wait to buy one. I loved the lined leggings as well and agreed that it would be a smart idea to keep offering that line of insulated pants but also create a one-step-warmer line for extreme cold.

In terms of suggestions generally for cold weather, I emphasized how much it negatively affects my level of warmth when I'm dealing with clothes riding up and exposing skin - whether that be my ankles because my socks are too short and have sunk below my sneaker line, or my stomach because my shirt has worked its way up away from my pants waistband. I also suggested a form-fitting, LONG, thermal tank top (which I haven't found on the market) to wear as a bottom layer for girls like me who prefer their bottom layer to be sleeveless but warm in chilly weather, and also to be the longest layer so that everything else can lay comfortably overtop and not get bunched up." -

Kelly T

"I loved that Under Armor took the time to come out and get our feedback on some of their new products. I really loved the jacket and vest. I liked that they were waterproof on the outside and thermal on the inside. It was a great conversation and I was so happy we got to give them some ideas in the things that we have a hard time finding in running clothes. It seems like they have a great line coming out, I'm excited to try some of it!" -

Nicole S

We'll be looking forward to seeing what Under Armour comes up with for their Fall/Winter 2016 line. We think connecting with communities is the BEST way for brands to get real feedback so we're thankful that Under Armour let us be a part of the process. 

Can't wait until Fall/Winter 2016? You can shop Under Armour's current running line