3 Affirmations To Boost Confidence [That You'll Actually Remember]


By Kiera Smalls

This post was originally featured in City Fit Girls’ newsletter #146 for the week of September 17, 2018. It’s three affirmations that I use to help build confidence. If you have affirmations that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. Share your affirmations in the comments below.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a project and got stuck (like really stuck). I could not find solutions to a problem and I got inside my head, started doubting my abilities and questioned what I was doing. Has this ever happened to you?

Eventually, I took a break and gave myself a pep talk to overcome my negative thoughts. I reaffirmed that I was more than capable of figuring out the solutions but I just needed to be confident and think from a more positive, strategic place. After a few pep talks, I got my head in the game and produced a great proposal that was better than my initial idea. (Take that, self doubt 😤) 

You see, sometimes we are the only ones holding ourselves back. Whether it's with fitness, finance, school or work. It all comes back to mindset and self-confidence. Today I'm sharing the affirmations that worked for me during this struggle and I hope they can help you.

Affirmation 1: You are exactly where you're supposed to be.

You've done the work and secured the role. You did this by showing your skills and convincing others that you are capable. Don't worry where other people are on their journey, just focus on YOUR present and future. 

Affirmation 2: You can work smarter, AND harder.

If you don't know something, learn it. If you don't have the right tools, tap into your resources. You may have graduated many years ago, but you will always remain a student. Sometimes we have to put our egos aside and do the hard work so that we can be better in our roles.

Affirmation 3: Head up, stay in the game.

Confidence looks good on you. No matter how hard things get, keep your head up, eyes focused and stay in the game. If you need a moment to collect yourself, by all means, have your moment. Just make sure you keep pushing through.

Do you have specific affirmations you use to boost confidence? I'd like to hear about them! Share them below to help other women who may need help feeling more confident.

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