Get Outdoors! 31 Activities You Can Do This Summer


By Takia McClendon

If you haven't heard, #CFGStreak kicks off on July 1st! We're excited to challenge our community to 31 days of physical activity. All you have to do is commit to work out for 30 minutes OR run 1 mile everyday. With summer just kicking off, we thought it would be a perfect time to complete July's #cfgstreak with some fun outdoor activites! 

The list: In no particular order, we compiled a list of 31 outdoor activities that count toward City Fit Girls' streak! Whether you can do 5 or all 31 activities, this will be the perfect time to switch up your gym routine and soak up some sunshine. 


1. Go for a bike ride
2. Go for a run
3. Take a long walk
4. Dance on your patio
5. Take an outdoor yoga class
6. Run on the track
7. Swim at the pool
8. Run on the beach
9. Play a round of mini golf
10. Go for a hike
11. Walk or run on the boardwalk
12. Play tennis or badminton
13. Go kayaking or canoeing
14. Go for a trail run
15. Clean up your neighborhood
16. Dance at a festival


17. Do hill repeats
18. Run or walk a 5k or 10k
19. Go rock climbing
20. Try stand up paddle boarding
21. Play basketball
22. Attend an outdoor bootcamp
23. Go roller skating or roller blading
24. Play catch
25. Do a stair workout
26. Play softball or baseball
27. Jump double dutch
28. Take water aerobics
29. Go to the playground..and play
30. Walk your (or a friend's) dog
31. Swim in the ocean

Are you up for the challenge? How many of these activities can you commit to in July? Be sure to tag your #cfgstreak photos on Instagram! We can't wait to see your posts!