Guide To Shopping For The Best Sports Bras

We know that sports bras are a staple in Millennial women’s wardrobes. In fact, a survey in the NPD Group’s “2015 Bra Journey Insights” report found that 41 percent said they wore one in the past seven days. That's a lot of sports bras. 

But, did you know you should be changing your sports bras every 3-6 months (depending on your activity level)?

If you workout 4-5 days a week, you should be wearing a bra that was purchased in 2016. If not, stop what you're doing, grab your credit card and do your boobies a favor by replacing your sports bra today.

Keep reading to discover the perfect bra for your workouts.

For the fuller-cupped ladies, the depressing search for a comfortable and reliable sports bra stops here with Moving Comfort. Perfect for the gym, running, etc. Pretty much anything because this bra will keep your girls locked and loaded. 


  1. Under wire support - supports each breast individually
  2. Padded, convertible straps - offer standard or cross-back style, plus next-to-skin comfort
  3. Wide bottom band - adds support and sits smoothly against skin

The Nike Pro Hyper Padded Bra is perfect for A to C sized-cupped ladies doing medium impact workouts. Perfect for those indoor spin classes, yoga sessions, and the Nike Training Club app.


  1. Compressive fabric offers multidirectional support, while a soft elastic chest band delivers a secure, comfortable fit. The fabric's flocked texture builds on the bra's supportive feel.
  2. The racerback design allows full range of motion as you run, jump and stretch.
  3. Removable pads offer comfort, coverage and support while adding definition.

Specifically designed for A and B sized-cupped ladies for all of your runs and workouts - no matter the impact level. 


  1. Mesh panels wrap around the sides for comfort and breathability
  2. Stash pocket lets you tuck away essentials (hell yes!)
  3. Stabilized center front frame and straps reduce bounce, providing high-impact support

Perfect for B and C sized-cupped ladies going on a long run or quick sprint around the track. The Hi Low Bra offers adjustability, support and comfort.


  1. Wide and adjustable straps plus the chest band is also wider and provides a unique open back design
  2. Nyelle Compression fabric that goes far beyond most pullover sports bra styles
  3. Wear testers found the back opening to be useful for heart rate monitors, tucking the strap of the monitor above the chest band

The Rack Pack is intended to provide medium support for a C/D cup. This bra was designed to take on running, rock climbing and other high impact activities that require lots of movement. 


  1. Removable cups let you choose extra concealment
  2. Wide, smooth straps provide comfort and support
  3. Built-in pockets to carry your essentials

Have a favorite brand not on the list? Let us know about them in the comment section below! 

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