Recap: We Tried BPM Fitness


By Kiera Smalls

If you haven't tried BPM Fitness yet, you are missing out. They have created a very unique workout experience unlike anything I've seen in the Philadelphia area. When I first tried the studio a few weeks ago, I joined without any hesitation. I felt strong, empowered, and like a total badass. When the opportunity came up for City Fit Girls to host two private workouts, we jumped on it right away. 

About BPM Fitness:

Some of you may remember this crew from last year's FitRetreat. Their studio was set to open a few months later but we got a taste of what to expect. The BPM Experience is a very high-powered workout including 60 minutes of non-stop sweat and fun. It begins with 30 minutes of high intensity, beat based indoor cycling and 30 minutes of adrenaline pumping strength work, including circuits and team based challenges. The energy was high for both sessions and we sure did get our butts kicked. 


Jordyn led the first session and then Shoshana (studio co-owner) led the second session and they both came to give us a tough workout. The workout included a lot of jumping, using sandbags, throwing ropes and more.  Their instruction, attention, and energy was very inspiring so quitting or half-assing the workout was not an option. 

The co-owners have created a space for you to push past your "limits" and take your workouts to the next level. BPM Fitness is perfect for beginners, anyone looking to break a plateau, and more. 

Attendee Feedback

BPM isn’t just a cycling or strength studio. The instructors really connected with the class, motivated us to keep pushing past our limits, and challenged us to work together to finish each workout. It was an overall fun experience that left me sore and excited. I joined right after the workout.
— Maria U
Working out on Saturday isn’t always on the top of my priorities. I’m really glad I got up, though, to experience the BPM workout! #BootyGains
— Alexandria Z

Passes & Pricing 

If you want to join BPM Fitness, they have a great Intro Pack of 5 classes for $50! You can't beat that. And the best part? The first class is free. If you want to commit for the long run, they have flexible monthly options as well. Click here to learn more about BPM Fitness.