Here's the scoop on City Fit Girls Bootcamps

By Kiera Smalls

Fun fact - Did you know bootcamp sessions are why City Fit Girls exist in the first place? I was working out alone and posting my progress to social media and close friends/ family members began to ask me about my workouts. I began to invite them out to join me and with the help of Instagram and word-of-mouth, our community began to grow.  

After becoming a certified trainer and hosting a few unofficial sessions, we launched City Fit Girls with a free bootcamp series at the Art Museum Steps to inspire and motivate women in Philadelphia to get fit. 

The series has evolved over the past few years. We've had guest trainers, switched up locations in the city, hosted giveaways, and more. Even with all the changes, it’s always been a place where diverse groups of women - all races, ages, body types - feel welcomed and motivated to reach their fitness goals. 

Due to seasonality and scheduling, we can only host bootcamps a few times a year. That's why I'm excited to announce that I'm bringing FREE City Fit Girls bootcamps back this summer for a few reasons.

Here’s the scoop on our series and why you should join in on the fun! 

City Fit Girls Bootcamps will be free (or low-cost)

We pride ourselves in providing free to low-cost programming at City Fit Girls to lower the barrier to entry for women who want to participate in fun fitness events throughout the city but may not have the funds to do so. Our weekly group runs are free, many of our bootcamps are free, and event partnerships are free or low cost (private classes at studios, new shoe testing, all the sweetgreen, etc). 

Positive vibes only

I can’t express this enough. City Fit Girls bootcamps provide a safe space for women to be free from judgment and shaming. I think we do enough of that to ourselves (guilty). If you believe in creating a positive environment - free from gossip, drama, hate - then this is the bootcamp (and community) for you. We do ice breakers at each session and pair people so that we meet someone new to learn a little more about them and ourselves. If you come to bootcamp with your bestie, you're going to have to split up. This is how we build community. 

Remember, you get what you give

The workouts are tough. Sometimes the weather can be a pain if it’s extremely hot but guess what? You give it your all anyway. Our bootcamps are all about pushing past “limits” and challenging yourself and others. In return, you will reach your goals while helping others reach theirs as well.

I can go on and on about the culture we’ve created for City Fit Girls bootcamps and the work we all do to keep it open, friendly, and inviting but you’re just going to have to experience it to believe it! Follow me on Instagram @KieraSmalls or @CityFitGirls on Twitter for bootcamp updates. 

Kiera Smalls is the Co-Founder of City Fit Girls. She's a marathoner and wannabe chef who's passionate about helping women reach their fitness and weight loss goals.