Behind the Seams: The Women Who Build Brooks Sports Bras [Video]

Brooks Sports Bra Development, Photo by Brooks Running

Brooks Sports Bra Development, Photo by Brooks Running

By Takia McClendon

It's been a long time since Ellen Wessel quit her day job in 1977 to start a women's running apparel brand. A few years ago, that brand - Moving Comfort - would exit the women's apparel market to focus solely on sports bras. For a few years, the company operated under Brooks (the brand behind popular running shoes like the Ghost and Adrenaline) but maintained it's identity as Moving Comfort. Bras like the Fiona, the Rebound Racer and the Juno became staples in our wardrobes. 

Although Brooks has completely rebranded the company leaving the Moving Comfort name behind, Brooks wants you to know that the Moving Comfort team is still on board making it's same great sports bras. 

Check out the video below to view a day in the life of the women who design your favorite sports bras. 

Remember, sports bras should never have birthdays. Change your sports bras every 3-6 months to get the best support and performance. 

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