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Review: Mermaid School for Adults

Back when summer vacation was a thing, my friends and I used to spend as much time as possible in the pool. We would play games of tag and tea party but our favorite thing was pretending like we were mermaids. We would swim under each others legs, practice our handstands and wish we were shimmery sea ladies. Turns out you don't have to pretend anymore! You can learn to live under the sea with AquaMermaid classes

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Studios & Gyms That Will Change The Way You Look At Working Out

Ever go to a gym but feel unsure of what to do once you get there? Are you tired of having to wait in line for weights after the "I like to pick things up and put them down" bros finish their reps? Trying to get in a 30 to 45-minute sweat sesh shouldn't be so daunting. It should be fun!

And that's where fitness boutiques, or personalized fitness studios, come in. They are small and personable with some seriously creative programming. While the costs for these unique experiences can get pricey, let's just rejoice at the fact that there are new ways to workout and have fun while doing it. Keep reading to find some of our favorites! 

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Chicago: Join us for a Nike+ Workout

To become a better athlete, you need to improve not just how much you move - but how well you move. This Mobility workout will help improve the way you move, feel, and recover through a combination of soft tissue techniques, static and dynamic stretches to improve performance and help prevent injury. You’ll leave the session feeling refreshed physically and mentally.

Join City Fit Girls for a mobility workout with Nike on Wednesday September 28, 2016. 

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Trainer Diaries: Theresa Coen dishes on cross-training, refueling, her favorites exercise and more

I feel as though I should preface my interview with the amazing Chicago instructor Theresa Coen by saying that in the three years I have taken classes with her, she has not only become one of my close friends but she has also become one of my mentors.

Theresa’s passion for fitness and constant thirst for more knowledge in the fitness field coupled with her unbridled enthusiasm and goofiness make her, in my opinion, one of the top instructors in Chicago. Many a time I have woken up the day after a Theresa class with an inability to walk due to what I call, “butt death.”

You may join your first group fitness class with a sense of dread and nervousness, but you will leave Theresa’s class with joy in your heart, clothes drenched in sweat and a new bestie.

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Chicago, you don't want to miss this 5K/10K

What's better than running a 10k and ending with a little bubbly? Nothing. The answer is nothing. If running a 10K (or 5K) through Lincoln Park and ending with wine and tapas sounds like you're kind of night, you won't want to miss the Gildan Esprit de She series this month. 

On July 21 at 7PM, you can take a loop through Lincoln Park along the shores of Lake Michigan. The race begins in the park at Montrose Beach. The race is open to walkers, joggers and runners of all fitness levels. City Fit Girls can save on registration using the promo code below!

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Where To Workout For Free In Chicago

When you live in a city like Chicago where you can boast about things like being stuck on the LSD (that's shorthand for Lake Shore Drive) during Chiberia '11 or running outside in a -20 degree wind chill then you learn to appreciate the roughly 120 warm days you can actually spend in the sun. Since we are in the peak of those days right now it's time to take a break from your indoor workouts and check out some of these outdoor sessions.

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Where to take Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga in your city

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga is all the rage. Throughout the summer, you can't scroll down your Instagram feed without seeing local yogis getting their morning flow in on the local river. 

If you're thinking about adding SUP Yoga to your summer workout to-do list, check out our guide to find SUP Yoga in your city. 

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Chicago: Run With City Fit Girls [July 2016]

The heat is on but if you're signed up for a summer or fall race, warm temperatures won't slow up your training. This month, City Fit Girls (all-levels training group for women) will be meeting up for two 4-5 mile group runs in Lincoln Park. 

City Fit Girls group runs are always all levels. No matter what your pace is, you are welcome to join us.

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Where to find cold-pressed juice in your city

While a juice-cleanse may not be in your future, adding cold-pressed juice and smoothies to your diet is a win-win. Grab a juice for post-workout fuel or chug a protein shake after your long run with our city-guide to cold-pressed juice. 

Keep reading to find cold-pressed juice in Boston, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C.

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City Fit Girls Group Run Schedule - April 2016

Hey City Fit Girls! April is officially underway and we want to help you reach your Spring 2016 fitness goals. We have a few workouts and City Fit Girls' group runs (open to all levels and all paces) planned for you. 

Sure you can head to the gym and workout alone but we promise you'll have a pretty good time meeting up with other women in our network! Read on to view our April 2016 schedule for New York City, Washington D.C., Philly and Chicago!

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City Fit Girls Run Club February Schedule

Hey City Fit Girls! Spring race season is coming and we want to help you get ready. Browse our website for details about upcoming run clubs in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia!

City Fit Girls’ group runs are open to all levels and all paces.  Read on to see our February 2016 schedule, upcoming races in your city, and more!

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