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Stand Up For All Women

If the events surrounding Dr. Christine Beasley Ford and Judge Kavanaugh's testimonies on Capitol Hill were triggering for you last week, you’re not alone. With an FBI investigation underway, there’s no doubt in our minds that we’re going to be coping with this for another week or so. No matter where you stand on the political aisle, we just want to send a reminder that this community is a safe space for women to connect with each other through running and fitness to support, uplift, and encourage one another other - physically and mentally.

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Setbacks are part of the journey

When you think you know it all or have it all figured out, there is always a reality check to humble you or remind you that you don't. 

This is what I experienced recently on my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. I visited my doctor for a normal check up (one that I haven’t scheduled in 3 years by the way…) and later learned that I am pre-diabetic with extremely low Vitamin D levels.

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It's About Time: Nike Pro Hijab Coming Spring 2018

In their February 2017 campaign video, 'What Will They Say About You?', Nike featured Middle Eastern women athletes competing in running, soccer, boxing, swimming and other sports. Just a few weeks later, the brand announced that they would be releasing the Nike Pro Hijab for Muslim women in spring 2018. Like Nike's other performance gear, the hijab will be stylish, lightweight, and breathable. Athletes like Amna Al Haddad played a large role in the design process. 

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Friendly Reminder: You're Enough

So often we don't think that we're enough but it's true. Every single one of us is enough in our own right and it's up to us to believe it and to be okay with it. Sure, we work out to feel good and look good but it's important that at the end of the day when the selfies are posted and we're alone in our homes, that we are happy with who we truly are.

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These Health & Fitness Brands Are Hiring [Part 2]

In our first installment of this series, we shared job openings from a few of our favorite health & fitness brands - like sweetgreen, Soulcycle and Nike. If you're looking to relocate and switch into a new position with really cool perks, you'll love this list of jobs from brands that really know a thing or two about "work-life balance". 

Get your resumes in shape, brush up your LinkedIn profiles and check out our second list of fitness, wellness, and nutrition companies that are hiring entry-level and very experienced level employees. 

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What Practicing Yoga Teaches You About Your Mind & Body

For the earlier part of 2016, I dedicated a lot of time training for my first marathon. While I had some cross-training days here and there, time was largely spent hitting the pavement. Once I completed 26.2, I got into a running rut and switched my routines to everything but running (yoga, spin, lifting, etc). I realized that I missed doing those activities a lot so I joined a few studios to keep the momentum going.

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How the women behind The Fearless Conference maintain healthy lifestyles

We caught up with Melissa, Laiza & Nikki, the team behind The Fearless Conference to discuss the ups and downs of maintaining healthy lifestyles as entrepreneurs. We discuss meal planning, self-care, separating work and social life and much more. 

Whether you own a business or work a 9-5, you can definitely relate to some of the tips these women offer to get through the work week.  

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Women are crushing it in Rio

By the numbers, the USA Olympic team was 269-261… women vs. men. That’s right, women are dominating the US team. Saudi Arabia has sent four women to Rio, doubling their numbers since London 2012. And finally, in our dear neighbor to the north Canada, every medal they have won thus far in the competition has been won by… you guessed it… a woman. 

Learn more about the amazing women who are crushing it in Rio. 

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How To Get Your Head In The Game

When I set out to write about mental toughness my intended audience was runners; however, mental toughness can apply to all of us.

We can apply the tricks of mental toughness to runners, basketball players, power lifters and even in the workplace. We spend the majority of our training getting physically prepared and so little time getting mentally prepared, even though it's just as important. 

Vince Lombardi defined mental toughness as "a perfectly disciplined state of mind that refuses to give in." 

So, how can you get to that state of mind? Glad you asked!

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How To Pick The Best Running & Fitness Sports Bras

We know that sports bras are a staple in Millennial women’s wardrobes. In fact, a survey in the NPD Group’s “2015 Bra Journey Insights” report found that 41 percent said they wore one in the past seven days. That's a lot of sports bras. 

But, did you know you should be changing your sports bras every 3-6 months (depending on your activity level)? If you workout 4-5 days a week, you should be wearing a bra that was purchased in 2016. If not, stop what you're doing, grab your credit card and do your boobies a favor by replacing your sports bra today.

Keep reading to discover the perfect bra for your workouts.

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Your summer reading list just got interesting

We know the cult classics 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Running' and 'Born To Run' sit in the home libraries of many runners.

But if you're like us, you're looking to add new books to your summer reading list that are penned by women authors who inspire us to be our personal best. 

Check out our list - including brand new releases by Robin Arzon and Becky Wade - for some running inspiration. 

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