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Embrace your pace: Stop saying you run too slow

In 2014, I came up with the idea to add a run club to City Fit Girls. It was a great idea but there was one problem - I knew NOTHING about run clubs. I may have done one or two organized group runs with City Sports but that's about it. The Wednesday leading up to our first meet-up, I searched the web to find out as much info as possible about group runs and found a very common theme - people loved the social aspect but hated the actual running. Why? Because a lot of people were left behind, felt intimidated when they couldn't keep up with the group and never returned.

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Dear Students…Advice From Your Fitness Instructor

In my years of experience as a fitness instructor and studio owner, I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of students from all walks of life. Their energy and dedication is inspiring and impressive! Yet I often see things that hold my students back or negatively affect their workout experience. Things they may not understand or things they do/don’t do that impacts their workout. So here is some advice I like to lovingly share with all of my clients and my community. 

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Only 14% of Bike Racers Are Women, This Group Wants to Change That

Have you ever felt like your bike was weightless beneath you? You know, you're tucked low, elbows loose, good rhythm, legs and pedals working as one.... no fear, no hesitation, just on top of all of the variables and ready for anything? And maybe — just maybe — you’re tucked in six inches behind the rear wheel of a new best friend?

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Philly: How to dive into swimming without a gym membership

All winter long, many of us work out indoors, hoping for just one mild, sunny day so we can lace up our sneakers and go out for a run. Then spring arrives, but it passes by quickly. And before we know it, temperatures soar above 90 degrees. 

Thankfully, summertime does grace us with longer days and more sunlight. But those long sunny days come at a cost. During the hottest months of the year, we must remember to exercise early, hydrate correctly, be mindful of the sun’s vibrant rays, and promise not to overdo it. 

Has exercising outdoors been a challenge for you lately? Well, don’t sweat it! 

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Where to take Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga in your city

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga is all the rage. Throughout the summer, you can't scroll down your Instagram feed without seeing local yogis getting their morning flow in on the local river. 

If you're thinking about adding SUP Yoga to your summer workout to-do list, check out our guide to find SUP Yoga in your city. 

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Where to find cold-pressed juice in your city

While a juice-cleanse may not be in your future, adding cold-pressed juice and smoothies to your diet is a win-win. Grab a juice for post-workout fuel or chug a protein shake after your long run with our city-guide to cold-pressed juice. 

Keep reading to find cold-pressed juice in Boston, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C.

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