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How Much Weight Should I Lift? (And When Should I Increase or Decrease?)

If you’re a member of City Fit Girls Strength Club, you’ve become very friendly with our favorite free weight, the dumbbell. Utilizing dumbbells in your workouts can help increase strength, grow muscle, and improve your athletic performance.

If you’re a member of City Fit Girls Strength Club or just want to learn more about working out with dumbbells, keep reading to learn more about increasing/decreasing weight and incorporating other free weights into your routine.

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3 Reasons You Should Join City Fit Girls Strength Club [Plus Feedback From Current Members]

By Kiera Smalls

City Fit Girls Strength Club is a subscription-based, online strength training program and community that helps you increase confidence, build strength and meet new friends along the way. 

If you want to be stronger, surround yourself with a supportive community, and reach your fitness goals without breaking the bank, this program is for you.

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