City Fit Girls Take on Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania!

Photo via Ragnar Relay

Photo via Ragnar Relay

By Takia McClendon

On June 2, 2017, 12 women from City Fit Girls (Philadelphia) will be lacing up to run 200ish miles - relay style - from Lancaster to the Poconos for Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania. If you're unfamiliar with Ragnar Relays, keep reading to learn more about the race series and the women that will be representing City Fit Girls on race day. 

What is a Ragnar Relay Race?

In a Ragnar Relay road race, teams cover 200-ish miles of running from point A to point B, on sidewalks, trails, road shoulders, etc. over the course of two days and one night. 

How does it work? One runner from each team is on the road while the other 11 members are in their vans napping, eating and waiting for their turn to run. Each runner on the team has to run a total of three legs totaling anywhere between 12 to 25 miles. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? 

You may be wondering "if the rest of the team is in a van waiting for their turn, will they have time to get sleep?" Well, it depends on how you define sleep. If you mean in a comfy bed then the answer is no. You may be able to squeeze in an hour or two in the van or in designated sleep areas, but Ragnar Relay runners are typically awake all night long. 

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How do you pack for Ragnar Relays? 

Each runner has different needs and preferences but Ragnar does recommend a few essential items for the trip. These items include reflective vests, a head lamp, and a tail light for safety.

Want to learn more about road safety at Ragnar? Click here

Runners will also need three outfits (one for each leg), running shoes, compression socks, sweat pants for relaxing in between runs, sunglasses, sunscreen, food, toiletries, phone chargers, and more. 

We'll be sharing our tips to packing for a Ragnar Relay later this week! 

Meet the City Fit Girls PA Ragnar Relay Team

No matter where you are, you can follow along our Ragnar Relay journey beginning Friday, June 2nd into Saturday, June 3rd. Meet our crew below and follow along via @cityfitgirls on Instagram and/or via our personal accounts (listed below). 



Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I'm excited about running the Ragnar Relay PA because it's been on my running bucket list since I started my running journey 6 years ago.  I'm always up for a new challenge!  And on top of that, I'm happy to be part of a great team of inspiring women like the City Fit Girls!

Instagram: @runwithnoregrets


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? For the last few years, different running friends have taken on the elusive Ragnar Relay. When CFG decided to have a team, I knew I had to be on it. It has been great getting to know our other team members. I am looking forward to joining our team on this journey and can't wait to see the finish line. 

Instagram: @kfrank417



Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? 12 first-time Ragnar runners, 200 miles of hills, 35 estimated hours of running, 2 cramped sweaty vans, 0 hours of sleep. It's exhilarating to know that we have an entire team of City Fit Girls who looked at this equation and said, "Yes, I want to do this, all of this ... for fun!" Bring on Ragnar Relay PA!

Instagram: @meeeeeims


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I'm excited about the Ragnar because it's an activity unlike anything I've ever done. I think we're going to learn a lot about ourselves, and each other, and have a once in a lifetime experience! Also, the snacks :) #girlswhosnack   

Instagram: @jwarhus


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I'm excited to take on a new challenge!  I can't wait for the hours of bonding with new and old friends, all the snacks, and of course running!  Go Team CFG!



Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I am excited to run Ragnar for the challenge that running a relay race over a 2 day period brings. Last year around this time my sister experienced a life changing health issue but she fought back and is doing so much better. I figure if she can do that, I can run a few miles, through various conditions, with my running buddies from City Fit Girls. 


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I'm looking forward to a new challenge. Hilly, unfamiliar roads and little sleep make me nervous, but I'm excited to spend a few days running with friends!

Instagram: @katiegraceface


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I'm SO excited to participate in my first Ragnar! I love running with my friends at run club, but I'm really looking forward to the new experience of having them as my teammates for over 200+ miles. They've had my back before (singing Christmas carols to keep me going during a 50k) and I can't wait to return the favor in the form of snacks and cheers in the mountains.

Instagram: @beccaleeee for the selfies, sights, and sounds; @beccalee_rd for the sips and snacks (how I'll be fueling during my 23 miles)!



Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I am excited to run Ragnar because it combines teamwork with running! Running is usually such a solitary sport and I am excited to run in a team event. I also love challenges and think this sounds so crazy that it has to be fun!

Instagram: @swimbikesharun


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? Between February and April of this year, I struggled with running because of an injury in my left foot. I'm excited to be back on the road running with my crew again. I'm looking forward to making memories and finishing my first race post-injury! Just kidding, I'm terrified. 

Instagram: @takiamcclendon and @cityfitgirls


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? A journey of 200 miles of running with friends must begin with a single step!!! I'm the kind of person who NEVER GIVES UP and I'm going to have a great time enjoying every mile with my awesome City Fit Girls crew.  


Why are you excited to participate in Ragnar Relay PA? I’ve wanted to run a Ragnar Relay since I first heard about it years ago. I’m intrigued by the idea of a new type of run challenge (Hills? Check. Sleep deprivation? Check. Gas station food? Check. Eleven other crazies on your team? Check.)  I’m so excited that my CFG squad decided to give Ragnar PA a try this year. There’s nothing like tackling a run competition with like-minded people who make you smile.  Let’s go ladies!

Instagram: @jay2thekaybee


Why are you excited to participate as a driver at Ragnar Relay PA? I'm taking a break from long distance running but wouldn't miss this experience for the world. I'm excited to support the team not only as a driver, but also as their cheerleader. Let's go City Fit Girls! 

Instagram: @kierasmalls



Why are you excited to participate as a driver at Ragnar Relay PA? I've never been a part of Ragnar so I'm excited to be a part of the day with a group of awesome women. I enjoy driving so I'm happy to help make sure everyone can get to the right place and be able to focus on their runs!

Instagram: @sarahnade18

Have you ever participated in a Ragnar Relay race? How would you describe your experience? Let us know how it went in the comments below! Don't forget to show your support for Team City Fit Girls by commenting and following along our journey on Instagram!

Takia McClendon is the co-founder of City Fit Girls. She's a shoe expert and manager at a running store in Philadelphia and a Certified Level 1 USATF Coach. Follow her online at @takiamcclendon. 

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