Recap: We Tried Vitality Meditation Studio


By Takia McClendon

Have you ever tried or considered trying meditation? Meditation is known for reducing stress, improving concentration and increasing happiness.

City Fit Girls traded in our Saturday workout for a meditation class with Vitality, a boutique meditation studio in the Fishtown neighborhood in Philadelphia. 

Prior to attending class at Vitality, the only guided meditation I tried before was with the Headspace and Calm app so I was very excited to experience a session led by an instructor that I can see surrounded by other students. 

If you've ever considered trying meditation or you're curious about our experience at Vitality, keep reading and find out if meditation is right for you.

About Vitality Meditation

Vitality Meditation Studio opened in November 2017 by two sisters, Anastasia and Jasmine Bailey. The studio offers a variety of classes and events for men and women in the Philadelphia region. 

My Experience: From the moment I walked into the studio, I knew that I was going to enjoy my time at Vitality. The lobby space and kitchen area resembles a loft straight out of Apartment Therapy and the team (co-owner Jasmine Bailey and licensed professional counselor Jessica J Pavelka) made our group feel welcomed from the start. 

For many women in the session, this was our first experience with guided meditation so they did a great job making us all feel less intimated by the experience. 

What To Expect: The actual meditation studio is located in the bottom floor of the building. When you head down the stairs, you enter a clean, intimate and welcoming space equipped with blankets, blocks, and life changing meditation chairs.

The lights were turned down very low and Jessica set the mood with meditative music to help us relax. At the start of the class, Jessica and Jasmine both told us that it would be okay if we found our minds wondering during our practice (which of course my mind did). Our class, like most of the classes at Vitality, was 30-minutes long which I thought was perfect. 

Although I found my mind wondering from time to time, Jessica's instruction definitely helped me unwind and focus on my breath. If you're worried that you'll get distracted during meditation, you're probably right but it's okay and you'll learn to focus more over time. 


Vitality offers a tranquil atmosphere that allowed me to feel instantly calm. The session was inviting and informative and I was able to learn several new tools that I plan to incorporate into my day to day life.
— Christine K
I really enjoyed the meditation session at Vitality. I’ve meditated on my own, but never with a group of people...I wasn’t sure what to expect! I felt comfortable, calm, and would definitely visit the studio again.
— Sam W

Inside the Studio

Check out photos from Vitality's website so you can see what the studio looks like for yourself. If you're thinking about signing up, you can try your first class for $10 or purchase their 21-Day Starter Bundle for $35. Check out the Vitality Meditation Pricing option that works best for you. 

P.S. Kiera and I both purchased the $35 Starter Bundle so we'll definitely let you know how our experience goes!  

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Takia McClendon is the co-founder of City Fit Girls. She's a shoe expert and manager at a running store in Philadelphia and a Certified Level 1 USATF Coach. Follow her online at @takiamcclendon. 

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