Fun Fitness Ideas While Visiting Washington, D.C

By Sunnie Ko

So you’ve visited all of the monuments, waved to the Obamas, and have memorized more historical fun facts than you’d like to admit.

Now it's time to check out City Fit Girls' Guide to Washington D.C to add a little pep to your step and sweat to your day.

C&O Canal in Georgetown

C&O Canal in Georgetown

Running in Washington, D.C.

C&O Canal. Looking for a trail run along the water and in the shade? Check out the C&O Canal path. You can access this amazing path from Georgetown and run all the way to Pittsburgh (if you have the time…and will power).  With mile markers along the way, this run can be as short or long as you desire.

Mt Vernon Trail. Ok, so this one isn’t technically D.C but it is an amazing trail that will lead you straight to George Washington’s estate (and what is more D.C than that?). Running on this trail will take you along the water, past Ronald Regan National Airport, through Old Town Alexandria and through a section of shaded woods.
Tip: Take a break at Gravely Park (next to DCA airport) to watch the planes landing right overhead!

The Mall. If you are tight for time and still want to check out D.C’s most iconic monuments, take a jog down to The Mall. This four-mile loop will take you down to the Lincoln Memorial, past the WWII memorial, Washington Monument, Smithsonian museums, the Capital and back. With a combination of wide walkways and gravel paths, this route is so runner friendly, you might not stop at 1 loop!

Fitness in Washington, D.C.

Not into running?

No problem. Here are a few of my favorite places for non-running fitness fun.

Cycling: Zengo. Zengo offers a 50 minutes cycling experience that will have you sweating, dancing and feeling zen all at the same time. With various locations around the city, it is the perfect place to go, wherever your city adventure has taken you. Reservations required.

Yoga: Crumbs and Whiskers Cat Yoga. Crumbs and Whiskers offer a paradise for Cat-Loving-Yogis. The district’s one and only cat café offers one hour of yoga led by a certified instructor while adoptable (and adorable) cats make you want to Namaste forever. Enjoy a cuddle with a sweet cat before and after you yoga session as well. Reservations required.

Open Water Swimming: Wave 1 (at National Harbor). Training for your next triathlon? Want a different swimming experience? Try open water swimming at National Harbor on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights. A 200-300 meter swim loop is marked off by large floating boueys. Kayakers stay on the surface to offer assistance to anyone who may need it.

Tip: The sunset swim (Wednesday) offers an amazing view of the harbor and a feeling of pure bliss. National Harbor is filled with delicious restaurants to help refuel you after you are done with your swim!

Total Body Workout: Sweatbox D.C If you are looking for a circuit training that will leave you breathless, check out Sweatbox D.C. This brand new studio combines cardio, body resistance and weights to give you a non-stop workout with state of the art equipment.

Healthy Food in Washington, D.C.

Ok, so now you're hungry....

The Little Beet. By FAR my favorite place to grab a bite, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The seasonal menu provides delicious, clean and did I mention DELICIOUS eats that will make you feel amazing. With a plethora of proteins, veggies and amazing sides to choose from, The Little Beet will certainly have something for you.

Tip: You don’t have to like beets to LOVE The Little Beet.

Enjoy D.C and the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of healthiness.

City Fit Girls' Guide to Washington, D.C. was submitted by Sunnie Ko, a fitness and wellness blogger based in Washington, D.C. You can find more of Sunnie's work on her blog, Just Tri it Once, at You can follow Sunni on Instagram at @justtriitonce