Recap: We Tried Focus Barre & Yoga


By Kiera Smalls

My thighs are still on fire. This workout hurts so good!

We were excited to host (2) private sessions at Focus Barre & Yoga in Rittenhouse for a few reasons. First, we hosted a private session with them FOUR years ago when they first opened their doors. It's amazing to see how much they've grown. Second, Jill and her team are absolutely amazing. They were very welcoming, kind, and supportive. All the traits you need when considering joining any studio. Lastly, the workouts are unique (and tough). You will feel like you've accomplished all there is to accomplish after just one session in this studio.  

Oh and four, they made a special offer to City Fit Girls that you can redeem below!

About Focus Barre & Yoga

The studio offers a variety of classes designed to burn fat and sculpt long, lean muscles effectively. This occurs through a combination of Barre Work, Yoga & Pilates. 


What to Expect From a Workout

During our private sessions, we took Barre Cardio and ResistIT (new!). I took the Barre Cardio class. It blends isometric barre exercises with lunge sequences and other cardio moves that will have you feeling like this must be your first workout ever (in a good way!). I heard the ResistIT session also made you feel the same way. It's a 50-minute bootcamp class that utilizes resistance bands and hand weights to sculpt lean muscle, build strength and balance. The class also includes a 10-minute Tabata style cardio sequence! Burn, baby, burn...


Although I've taken barre classes in the past, this class was one to remember. Our instructors were super supportive and engaging, the workout was tough but manageable, and I left feeling inspired and ready to conquer the day.

A Deal just for you

Don't just take my word for it. You should give this studio a try to see for yourself! Thanks to the kind folks at Focus Barre & Yoga, you can take 3 classes for just $30 when you use the code: cityfitgirls

* Classes expire 60 days from purchase date.