City Fit Girls Guide to FitRetreat 2018!


By Takia McClendon & Kiera Smalls, Co-Founders of City Fit Girls 

Hey City Fit Girls! FitRetreat 2018 weekend is here and we have some fun activities lined up for you! We hope you're ready to kick things off at the pool party tonight and then tomorrow for a full day of fitness and wellness. 

Below you'll find some very, very important details about this year's event. Please read and pass this blog along to your friends and family members who are joining you for year 6 of this amazing event!

1. Pool Party? Yes, please! We're teaming up with Riva Health + Wellness for this year's pre-registration party! The party starts at 5PM and you can feel free to jump right in the pool AFTER you check-in and sign your waiver. There will be LIGHT refreshments, snacks and wine so please don't come on an empty stomach. In addition to chilling in or by the pool, you can enjoy a P.S. Snacks dessert bar, take advantage of Riva's spa services and make your own craft beer. 

NOTE: You CANNOT check in for your friend or pick up her tank at the pre-party. She has to be there to sign her own waiver. No exceptions.

Riva Health + Wellness is located at One Brown Street, Suite C Philadelphia, PA 19123 - That's right in between Front Street and Delaware Ave. 

2. Make a plan, but be flexible. We get it, you really, really, really want to take this class. Guess what girlfriend, things happen. Space will be limited in some classes and we want you to have a backup plan. We reached out to some of Philly's best instructors so no matter where you end up, it's going to be a good time. 

Be sure to review the full FitRetreat 2018 schedule.  

3. Wear your FitRetreat Tank! Look at the pictures from last year (and the years before that). Everyone looks like they woke up and decided to wear the same outfit...that's because we did! Grab your favorite pair of tights or shorts and rock your brand new FitRetreat 2018 tank! 

Our friends at On Running will be demoing shoes for your workout! On is a Swiss company that makes lightweight, well-designed shoes for your fitness needs. Be sure to try them out and share your pics on social media! 


4. Good vibes only. We're expecting 200 people at this year's event. That means it may get crowded and that's ok. We're all part of the same community and we're all here to have a good time. Let's treat everyone with respect - other attendees, volunteers, trainers/instructors - because that's how City Fit Girls roll. 

If you find yourself getting anxious or upset about something, head to the 6th floor to chill out in our Vitality Recovery Lounge. Vitality will be supplying some meditation chairs and blankets to make the lounge extremely cozy and calming for you.

5. Speaking of Recovery Lounge... Take advantage of our PRIV hair and makeup salon. Yes, you read that right!  We are keeping you fancy throughout the day! Chair massages will also be available! 


6. Yes, there will be a light breakfast courtesy of friends at Melanie's Medleys! However, please be sure to still eat something before you come. If you plan to work out three times before noon, you're going to burn a lot of calories. Without enough nutrients, your body will shut down -- you'll feel dizzy, get a headache, and maybe even vomit! If you plan to enjoy some boozy cocktails with brunch, you'll definitely want to make sure you have enough nutrients so please be smart! 

The line for brunch may get long but we promise it will move quickly! Don't get all hangry on us. Remember, positive vibes only

7. Balance out your day. Yes, there are three fitness sessions at FitRetreat but that doesn't mean you have to take all three. It's important to know your limits so that you can make it through the day without feeling sick or dehydrated. Visit the Recovery Lounge or attend one of the workshops hosted by our friends at Penn Medicine. 

If you need to hydrate, don't forget to grab water from our friends at Propel on the 2nd Floor. 

8. Housekeeping. Our event will stretch across 4 floors and The Patio across the street so be ready to take some stairs! There will be limited elevator access for anyone who can't take the stairs. There is no wi-fi in the building except on the 6th floor at Kismet Co-Working. Network Name: Kismet Guest. PW: Welcome448. There are 3-5 bathrooms on each floor. Parking is extremely limited. Any medical concerns should be communicated to a volunteer. Bring your energy and smiles!

Oh and one last thing, our friends at The Patio will be hosting us for yoga, meditation and our afternoon sessions. You're going to love their space! Please note that outside food and drinks are not allowed on the Patio so you'll have to eat your sweetgreen during the lunch timeframe only! You can bring in your Propel water bottles!

9. Don't be shy, meet new people. FitRetreat is a perfect time to make some new friends. Whether you're coming solo or with your crew, please don't leave without making new connections. Share contact info and/or social media accounts!

Now, let's have a great time!! #FitRetreatPHL #CityFitGirls


If you have any questions during FitRetreat, find one of the event volunteers and we'll be more than happy to help you! 

FitRetreat is taking place at 448 N 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121. Registration opens at 8:00AM on Saturday morning. Tickets for this event are completely sold out. FitRetreat tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

Follow us @cityfitgirls and @fitretreat on Instagram. Use the hashtag #cityfitgirls and #fitretreatphl to share your photos with us! 

Be sure to review the full FitRetreat 2018 schedule.