Philly Mayor's Cup 2017: We had a blast!

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By Takia McClendon

On August 12th, 50 City Fit Girls and hundreds of runners from the Philadelphia region gathered in Fairmount Park for the Philly's Mayor Cup. If you're unfamiliar with the event, the Mayor's Cup brings Philly's running clubs together to compete in five different events throughout the park.

Our team was filled with women runners of all paces and fitness levels. Even though we were there to have a  good time, we placed 4th in the female division! Great work crew! 

City Fit Girls 5K Team

City Fit Girls 5K Team

What is the Mayor's Cup? "Runners from every Philadelphia community – fast runners and slow runners, trail runners and road runners, ultra-runners and 5K specialists, competitors and volunteers – coming together to represent the “team” they call their own."

The Events: 5 races - 1 starting line and 1 finish line. 

  • 5K Cross Country Race

  • 5-Mile Road Race

  • 10K Trail Race

  • 10-Mile Road Race

  • Half-Marathon Trail Race

The Courses: I've participated in the Mayor's Cup 10K Trail Race for the second year in the row and it is still by far the hardest race I've ever done. Although this was far from being one of my top performances, it was great to battle the hills, humidity, and mud with the Philadelphia running community.

Based on feedback from other runners on our team, the 5K cross country race, 5-miler and 10-miler were all difficult courses too. 

The After-Party: Because we earned it. When the runners crossed the finish line,  we headed back to our sites for post-run BBQ, beer and wine. 

Would I do it again?: Absolutely. I'm hoping to be in much better shape and injury-free next summer so I'm looking forward to another stab at the 10K trail race in 2018! 

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On Wednesday, August 23, City Fit Girls Run Club will be trading in our regular 3-miles for a challenging (more fun!) Scavenger Run through Old City. If you're a little nervous or unsure what to expect, this short blog will get you up-to-speed.