Nasty Women Run Marathons (and 5Ks too)


By Takia McClendon, Co-Founder of City Fit Girls

Ever since the results came in, I’ve been very hesitant to comment on the Presidential Election on any City Fit Girls platform. As a student of Political Science, a self-described “history geek”, and lover of all things policy-related, friends and relatives know that I use my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to speak my mind on social issues. If you don’t know, I also run most of the social media - with Kiera - for City Fit Girls where you’re unlikely to see any mention of politics or social issues on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page.

Why, you ask? Because when we started this community, we wanted to make sure that this community was open to any and everyone who identifies as a woman - no matter their race, religion, assigned gender at birth, class, or political views. We also refrain from promoting fundraisers for charities/non-profits - not because we don’t believe in giving back - but because it’s impossible for us to support them all equally. The amazing women in our network are involved with hundreds of organizations and it would be unfair to highlight one, without highlighting and promoting them all.

City Fit Girls was created to be a safe space where women could connect with other women to work towards a single common goal: to finish a run or workout together without having to worry about being left behind, being made fun of for being “too slow” or having to live up to the unrealistic beauty “expectations” that society has made for us. At City Fit Girls, you are free to be yourself.

In order for City Fit Girls to maintain its status as a safe space for all women, as your co-founder, I’ve decided that I have to address the current political climate of our country and what it means for our community. This post is not about being liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat - it's about promising you that Kiera and I will continue to fight for what we believe is right; and that is to protect the rights of women in our community and beyond.

Our President-Elect has openly degraded women and made fun of people with disabilities. He has run on a platform that threatens to break up families with out of touch immigration policies, strip away rights from LGBT people, increase dangerous stop and frisk policies in black communities, and take away a woman's right to choose. As of this week, he's selected controversial men - with ties to bigotry - to lead his administration.

It doesn't matter who you supported in the election or what political party you belong to - if you believe in our mission to uplift all women, we ask that you take a moment to reflect on how these policies can impact the women in City Fit Girls - even if they don't impact you personally.

If you are feeling a sense of hopelessness, you are not alone. I needed time to come to terms with what's going on and I understand if you need time too.

If you want our community to remain a safe space for ALL women, I just ask that you continue to use your voice to speak out against racism, sexism, hate, homophobia, xenophobia and any type of bigotry. Get involved. Not just by opening our weekly newsletter or showing up to group runs and events, but by also having tough conversations with loved ones, coworkers, and neighbors about protecting the rights of women and all the groups that have been threatened over the course of this election season.

You make this community what is and I can't thank you enough for your support and commitment to inspiring, uplifting, encouraging and motivating the women of City Fit Girls.


Takia & Kiera

Co-Founders, City Fit Girls

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