[Photos] City Fit Girls FitRetreat 2018

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By Kiera Smalls & Takia McClendon 

WOW. FitRetreat Weekend was a success! We say this all the time because we firmly believe it... we are lucky to have this community and couldn't do this without you. Thank you to our 200 attendees, sponsors, partners, instructors, and volunteers for helping make this year's event possible! Below you'll find photos from this year's event. Feel free to share them to social media! 

Photo credit: Melissa Alam @ringthealam.


We hope you enjoyed your time at Riva Health & Wellness! Attendees took advantage of the opportunity to register in advance for the big day! This was a great way to skip the line for the main event and connect with other attendees. Special thank you to P.S Snacks for the dessert bar! 


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There is so much we could say about this year's event. We'll try to keep it brief! THANK YOU

Thank you for showing up and making this community welcoming and inclusive for all women. Thank you for supporting our instructors, partners, and sponsors. Most importantly, thank you for prioritizing yourself. If we had to choose a theme from this year's retreat, it's the power of getting out of your own way. Kudos to you for taking good care of yourself this weekend. 


Kiera Smalls & Takia McClendon

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