Here's the scoop (pun intended) on Picky Oats

Photo via Picky Oats on Kickstarter

Photo via Picky Oats on Kickstarter

By Takia McClendon

If you workout in the morning, you know the importance of fueling after a tough session. Whether you're lifting weights, taking Zumba, running or cycling, our body needs nutrients to help recover and make it through the work day. Besides avocado toast (don't judge me), my favorite go-to breakfast is oatmeal. I usually load it up with peanut-butter, cinnamon, apples and whatever else I have on hand to make it more filling.

Unfortunately, I never have time to sit and enjoy it because I never give myself enough time to eat and make the bus (are you still judging?). Luckily, the folks behind Picky Bars are bringing a brand new convenient and time-saving product to market - Picky Oats!

According to the company's Kickstarter page, Picky Oats has 10 grams of all natural protein, low sugar (most of which comes from fruits), and a healthy dose of fat and fiber to keep you full and your tank running. Sign me up please. 

Picky Oatmeal Flavors, photo via Picky Oatmeal on Kickstarter

Picky Oatmeal Flavors, photo via Picky Oatmeal on Kickstarter

The oatmeal will be available in three flavors - 'How About Them Apples' (I've already decided this is my favorite flavor), 'Game, Set, Matcha' and 'Can't Beet Chocolate'. Each 325 calorie pack contains 10g of protein, is 100% organic and will be easy to prepare by just adding hot water. They are also all vegan and gluten-free.

To help get the product off the ground, Picky Oatmeal is hosting a Kickstarter to raise funding for production and distribution. Spoiler Alert: The project was funded in 9 hours but you still have a chance to support and be one of the first to get your hands on Picky Oatmeal. Check out the video below. 

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Takia McClendon is the co-founder of City Fit Girls. She's a shoe expert and manager at a running store in Philadelphia and a Certified Level 1 USATF Coach. Follow her online at @takiamcclendon. 

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