Listen To These Podcasts During Your [Long] Run

If you know City Fit Girls, you know we're always up for a good group run. There's nothing like tackling a 6, 12, or 20-miler with a few friends while chatting about personal/professional goals, relationships and pop-culture. Unfortunately there will be times when you have to skip a group run and hit the trails solo. No worries. We compiled a list of podcasts that are - almost - as good as talking with your bff when you're putting in your long miles.

Each podcast is hosted by rockstar women who  discuss a range of topics including business, finance, relationships, news and more. Check out our list below.


#Girlboss Radio: If you've ever shopped at, you're already familiar with the work of Sophia Amoruso. After launching her successful e-commerce store, Sophia released her debut book, #Girlboss. On #Girlboss Radio, Sophia interviews CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs who've made their marks in culture, business, and creative ventures. Average running time: 30-50 minutes. Listen here.



Myleik Teele's Podcast: Myleik Teele, the creator of the monthly subscription service Curlbox, hosts a podcast that covers all things relationships, career advice, travel, money and even home ownership! Myleik takes questions from her audience via Twitter, Instagram and and responds through her ad-free podcast every few weeks. The average running time of each podcast is 20-40 minutes. Listen here



Being Boss Podcast: Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs with Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon. If you offer creative, business or tech services like design, photography, web development, etc., you'll enjoy the conversations around free-lancing, obtaining new clients, and overcoming challenges in the industry. Average running time of each podcast is 60 minutes. Listen here. 



Another Round: Since the release of Another Round, Tuesdays just haven't been the same. Every week, Heben Nigatu & Tracey Clayton hit the internet with commentary on politics, race, and culture. Wonder why the show is called Another Round? During the recording of each episode, Heben and Tracey drink bourbon which often leads to hilarious 'Drunken Debates' and off the cuff jokes. The average episode is about 30-60 minutes. Listen here. 



Call Your Girlfriend: Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere, hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Nothing is off limits on the Call Your Girlfriend podcast - seriously, one week could be about the latest tech innovation or the Supreme Court and the next episode could be about menstrual cycles. Episodes are released once a week and run for an average of 45 minutes. Listen here. 



Find Meaning (On the Run): Find Meaning (On the Run) offers conversations with powerful and inspiring people in the world of sport and beyond, uncovering how they find meaning. The show demystifies what makes people tick and, as a result, how they achieve greatness. Hosted by Harlem-based Under Armour sponsored athlete and activist, Alison Mariella Désir. Listen here.