Here's the Content You Loved in 2016 [via]

By Kiera Smalls

Before we get into planning for 2017, we wanted to highlight some of your favorite content from After all, this is your go-to site for all your training and motivational resources. Look to to get you through the #CFGStreak and 2017!

If You Suffer From Emotional Eating, You're Not Alone: Emotional eating is looking to food for comfort, stress relief, or as a reward. It's believing that you need this or that in order to feel better. You feel powerless over food cravings and when the desire to eat hits, it’s all you can think about.

What No One Tells You About Training In The Winter: It’s cold, it’s dark, your bed is warm and cozy, and your alarm is blaring. You could just hit snooze and get an hour more of sleep. But don’t do it! Winter training is definitely worth the sacrifice.

Should You Wear Underwear During Your Runs and Workouts?: You probably know the feeling of finishing up your sweaty session only to find your butt a literal sweaty mess. You just crushed your spin class or your long run but it looks like you peed your pants. Yikes.

Pro Tips To Becoming A Morning Workout Warrior: If you're someone who misses workouts due to unplanned work meetings, happy hours, oversleeping and plain laziness, then this is the post for you. We reached out to a few City Fit Girls, including trainers, instructors, and workout enthusiasts to get the inside scoop on how they manage to crush their workouts before the sun rises.

Add This 45 Minute Workout To Your Fitness Routine: You made it to the gym, yay! But after spending 30-minutes on the elliptical while watching Wheel of Fortune (in closed captions), you have no idea what to do next.

Kiera Smalls is the Co-Founder of City Fit Girls. She also works full-time at Bicycle Transit Systems as the marketing manager for Indego bike share. Kiera is passionate about helping women reach their fitness and weight loss goals, especially beginners. 

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