Recap: City Fit Girls x Fit Tribe


By Kiera Smalls

This past weekend, we headed to Center City for two back-to-back sessions at Fit Tribe, a gym that provides both group training as well as one-on-one personal training. The best part about Fit Tribe? All workouts are just 30-minutes!

We learned about this gym from our friend and Coach, Rosie, who teaches at their Havertown location. Rosie hosted a workout at last year's City Fit Girls' FitRetreat. 

Keep reading to learn more about our experience and receive a special offer from Fit Tribe!

About Fit Tribe:

Fit Tribe Center City isn't just another gym. The workouts are tough, creative and just 30 minutes! When we arrived, we were greeted with a fancy City Fit Girls Welcome Board and a welcoming space. Inside the gym, there were ropes, TRX, and so much more waiting for us. 


Fit Tribe offers both full body HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) strength workouts (working with weights to help strengthen, build and tone your muscles) and full body HIIT conditioning workouts (essentially your cardio).  Every day is a different workout with a different timer so they keep things fresh and fun! Monday, Wednesday & Friday's are strength days and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday's are conditioning days, keeping you on your toes all week long constantly burning calories!


We were invited to take the conditioning session. It included TRX, ropes, bodyweight exercises and more. Each station was set for 3 minutes each with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds to rest. We were coached by Jon and Christina who both had awesome energy and took really good care of us. They helped us with our form and cheered us on throughout the entire session. 



"If you think 30 minutes isn't enough to get a killer workout, you've never been to Fit Tribe Center City! The HIIT format was challenging; a new set of movements every 3 minutes! The coaches made it easy to follow through, and doing this sweaty workout with friends was a great way to start the weekend." - Katie F

"I'm so glad City Fit Girls partnered with FitTribe; it was a great way to check out a facility I'd been eyeing for a while! The workout was challenging but manageable, and the coaches kept the workout safe, fun, and pumped up! Now I have some new moves to add to my cross-training toolkit!" - Emily P

"The Fit Tribe workout was one of the most challenging workouts I have ever done! I usually stick to spin and running, but this was an absolute total workout. I would never have been able to do it without friends doing it along with me. The hard stuff - like the rope squats, TRX and a million burpees - is way more fun with friends." - Melissa D

"This past Saturday’s Fit Tribe workout helped me build on my strength and endurance for 30 minutes where we worked on shoulders, glutes, quads, and core. I love our community and the fact that we help each other reach our fitness and wellness goals. - Amy H


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