Naked Running: Why you should give it a go

In our 'Guide To Choosing Your Next Garmin', we break down all the latest technology in GPS but there comes a point in time when we should leave our favorite gadgets at home. 

By Jessica Peterson

When was the last time you ran without technology?

In a data driven world, we’ve become so accustomed to measuring our performance in nearly every way possible. We track how far we’ve run, how fast we ran, our heart rate throughout the run, our splits, etc.

This overflow of data does not afford us the time to stop and ask a very important question: did I enjoy this run? 

Running naked- without tracking technology- is always an option and can keep running enjoyable. Here are four major benefits of running naked:

Recovering from an injury. After an injury, recovering should be your priority though it may mean losing the endurance you have built. Disregarding data and measurements can help build running stamina post injury by forcing you to listen to your body. Incoming data flow can prove to be a huge distraction and can cause you to push yourself too hard too soon. 

Enjoy your run. When running with your running app or GPS watch, are you paying more attention to the scenery or your devices? Whether you’re running on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia or through Lincoln Park in Chicago, there’s plenty of scenery to enjoy.

Focus on form. Multi-tasking while running looks like it could be plausible, but how effective is it. If you’re concerned about your form, leave the devices behind. Use this as an opportunity to focus on proper mechanics without toggling a device.

Great for tapering. Tapering is a large part of endurance training. However, data obtained from these runs isn’t particularly helpful. Use these runs to recover and adapt to training stress instead of focusing on your pace.

This month, accept the challenge to complete one run without compiling data. Whether you focus on one of the benefits listed above or for one of your own is up to you.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.