Stand Up For All Women


By Takia McClendon & Kiera Smalls

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women” - Dr. Maya Angelou

If the events surrounding Dr. Christine Beasley Ford and Judge Kavanaugh's testimonies on Capitol Hill were triggering for you last week, you’re not alone. With an FBI investigation underway, there’s no doubt in our minds that we’re going to be coping with this for quite some time.

No matter where you stand on the political aisle, we just want to send a reminder that this community is a safe space for women to connect with each other through running and fitness to support, uplift, and encourage one another other - physically and mentally.

If you need help coping, here’s four tips to get you through the week:

  • Protect Your Mental Space - Commentary on the hearings are all over the media but you can choose when and how you engage with that content. It’s easier said than done but feel free to take a break from the headlines. Close your apps and give yourself time to meditate, hike, take a yoga class, listen to your favorite song or go for a run.

  • Talk To Your Person - Venting to your partner, best friend, co-worker, mom or whoever about how you’re feeling can help clear up some mental space. Whatever you do, don’t keep it bottled in.

  • Support & Stand Up For Other Women - We created this community for you. After a long day of classes, work, clinicals, job hunting, childcare, etc., sometimes we just need time to connect with other City Fit Girls at a group run or workout to decompress and release some endorphins. If you’re in Denver or Philly, meet-up with the crew for a run or stay tuned for private group workouts and events. If you’re not in Denver or Philly, find other running groups to connect with and support other women (until we come to your city :))

  • Take Action - Use your voice (and your vote) to make a difference. If you haven’t registered to vote, don’t miss your chance to make change this November. You can also connect with organizations like Run 4 All Women that use running and fitness as a platform for social change.

If you’re a survivor of sexual abuse (or any abuse, really), we stand with you and support you. No matter how tough it gets, remember that you’re not alone.

Kiera & Takia,

Co-Founders, City Fit Girls