Recap: We Tried Subversus Fitness [And Why You Should Strength Train Too]


By Takia McClendon

On Saturday, January 13, we headed to Center City Philadelphia to try a workout at Subversus Fitness. Formally known as CrossFit Center, Subversus Fitness offers a wide range of classes including Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Endurance, DurABLE, and traditional CrossFit. Keep reading to learn about our experience and view our photo album below. 


The Workout: Wylie, our coach, designed the workout with City Fit Girls in mind. It was approachable, challenging, and fun! Our session was divided into a warm-up that included dynamic stretching, a 15 minute strengthening circuit with specific moves designed to strengthen our core, and a cool down. The 15-minute workout comprised of 5 stations including rest. Here's the workout: 

60 seconds of work at each station. Repeat 3x. 

1. Dynamic Step-Up (optional kettlebell)

2. Sandbag March (with 30, 60, or 100lb of sand)

3. Kettlebell Pull Throughs

4. Alternating Half Kneeling Press

5. Rest

Benefits of Strength Training: Although this workout was challenging and I am a little sore as I'm writing this, adding a strengthening routine to your workout regimen can be very beneficial. Whether you're looking to reduce body fat or become a better runner, strength training can help you avoid common injuries and increase your overall fitness. 

Feedback from attendees:

"The workout at Subversus was awesome and fun! It was great to learn some new conditioning exercises geared towards making us stronger runners! I loved the variety and camaraderie we all had towards getting the workout in and working towards our goals!" - Samantha H

"I had a great experience at Subversus! As a runner who is guilty of neglecting strength training, this workout was very much needed. I felt challenged, but still felt that I could go at my own pace." - Maya S

“It’s been awhile since I felt challenged by a workout and Subversus really made me think about pushing past my limits and realizing I’m strong enough to try new things.” - Kelly W

Learn more about Subversus Fitness: If you're interested in learning more about training at Subversus Fitness, start with their Foundations Program or drop in to speak with a coach. Click here to learn more