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Podcasts and Audiobooks To Reach Your Wellness Goals

There are days when I can get up and crush a workout without thinking twice and then there are days when I have to convince myself to get moving. I say to myself, “this bed is so cozy! I’ll just do it after work!” or “let’s just make today rest day, okay?”.

I’m not saying I should ignore my body when it actually needs rest, I’m specifically talking about when my mind tells my body that staying in bed is better than doing my workout.

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5 Tips To Motivate You To Workout

It’s 6am and you have every intention to get up and run or head to the gym when your alarm goes off. You roll around under the sheets requesting just five more minutes. Then thirty minutes. Before you know it, it’s 8am and you have to rush out to work. Or maybe it’s 5pm and the weekday is complete. You planned to go to the gym straight from work but you left your workout clothes at home. You get home and then suddenly a trip to the gym becomes a movie night with food and wine.
We have all had a moment like one of the above. We have every intention to workout, we are motivated and eager to release some endorphins. Then something happens- we get side-tracked, busy or lazy…

Here are five motivating suggestions to push you past getting side-tracked or laziness:

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