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Where to Eat After Your Run or Workout

Making a good meal after your run or workout can be tough - especially if you're tired after a grueling 45 minutes of spin, running or CrossFit. When you're crunched for time (or just don't feel like deciding between cooking and taking a shower), these healthy fast casual restaurants are here to save the day. With locations in Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and beyond, these seven restaurants are perfect for refueling after your workout.  

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How To Get Fit For Free in New York City

Between boutique fitness studios and upscale gym memberships, working out in NYC can cost about 20¢ per drop of sweat shredded, give or take a dollar or fifty. When most of your income goes toward rent, Uber rides, and that kind-of-sort-of essential thing called food, how’s a city girl supposed to afford fitness? Fortunately, for every pricey workout, there’s a free one that’s just as sweat-tastic, so we’re here to share all the best ways you can get fit for free in NYC:

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City Fit Girls Group Run Schedule - April 2016

Hey City Fit Girls! April is officially underway and we want to help you reach your Spring 2016 fitness goals. We have a few workouts and City Fit Girls' group runs (open to all levels and all paces) planned for you. 

Sure you can head to the gym and workout alone but we promise you'll have a pretty good time meeting up with other women in our network! Read on to view our April 2016 schedule for New York City, Washington D.C., Philly and Chicago!

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