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Looking Good, Feeling Good: A Conversation with Beth Blendell

It's true, racing is hard. Whether you're looking to PR in the half-marathon or to qualify for Boston, taking it to the next level by increasing mileage and/or speed is challenging for runners at all levels. And while racing may be hard, it's what we do during training that helps us become better athletes. 

If you're thinking about setting big goals for your next race, you're going to love this Q&A. We caught up with Beth Blendell, a November Project co-leader, Boston Marathon qualifier, and running coach about her training routines, obstacles, and tips she has for runners looking to take on longer distances. 

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Track Workout: 400 Meter Repeats

City Fit Girls' take on 'Deek's Quarters' (8 x 400 meter repeats). The workout was made popular by Rob De Castella of Australia, the former world record holder in the marathon. It consists of 8 full laps around the track with 200 meter strides (no jogging or walking) in between in each lap. 

If you're new to track workouts, we've put a little twist on Deek's Quarters to make the workout beginner friendly. Try our beginner-friendly version, the 'Hasty Hastings' 400s. 

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Chicago: Join us for a Nike+ Workout

To become a better athlete, you need to improve not just how much you move - but how well you move. This Mobility workout will help improve the way you move, feel, and recover through a combination of soft tissue techniques, static and dynamic stretches to improve performance and help prevent injury. You’ll leave the session feeling refreshed physically and mentally.

Join City Fit Girls for a mobility workout with Nike on Wednesday September 28, 2016. 

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