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Behind the Seams: The Women Who Build Brooks Sports Bras [Video]

It's been a long time since Ellen Wessel quit her day job in 1977 to start a women's running apparel brand. A few years ago, that brand - Moving Comfort - would exit the women's apparel market to focus solely on sports bras. For a few years, the company operated under Brooks Running (the brand behind popular running shoes like the Ghost and Adrenaline) but maintained it's identity as Moving Comfort. Bras like the Fiona, the Rebound Racer and the Juno became staples in our wardrobes. 

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Should you wear underwear during your runs and workouts?

You probably know the feeling of finishing up your sweaty session only to find your butt a literal sweaty mess. You just crushed your spin class or your long run but it looks like you peed your pants. Yikes. 

We know it sounds cliche but the choice to wear underwear during a run or workout is really about personal preference. In this post, we discuss the case for and against wearing underwear. We also cover a few underwear options from some of our favorite brands. 

It gets personal. 

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Activewear for all: Where to find gear for 'plus-size' athletes

Many women, myself included, find a lack of decent activewear to be a barrier to our pursuit of fitness. Who wants to show up to a personal training session, the gym, or a group run in baggy sweats and an over-sized t-shirt?

Just as a great work wardrobe can make you feel like you can conquer anything the board room throws at you, having activewear that is good looking, fits well, and stands up to your workout can have a positive impact on your attitude during any sweat session.

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15 Summer Essentials We Can't Live Without

With fall race season right around the corner (I know, right?), running through summer heat is almost impossible to avoid. When humidity and high temperatures strike, runners and fitness enthusiasts have to take precaution to make sure we're practicing safety throughout our summer training programs. 

We compiled a list of summer essentials that we can't live without during summer training months. From hydration to socks, we have you covered. Each product has a description and a link leading you back to its original website. 

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