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Here's the scoop (pun intended) on Picky Oats

If you workout in the morning, you know the importance of fueling after a tough session. Whether you're lifting weights, taking Zumba, running or cycling, our body needs nutrients to help recover and make it through the work day. Besides avocado toast (don't judge me), my favorite go-to breakfast is oatmeal. I usually load it up with peanut-butter, cinnamon, apples and whatever else I have on hand to make it more filling.

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Increase Productivity Before 9AM With These Tips

We've heard it before: you're not a morning person. If you want to be successful, rumor has it that being an early riser has its advantages. Although pressing the snooze button may seem more appeasing, starting your day 1 or maybe 2 hours earlier can be a great way to increase productivity throughout the rest of your day

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4 Hacks To Improve Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, people skip the opportunity to kickstart their day with nutrients by eating highly processed/sweetened cereals and yogurts or worst, eating no breakfast at all. We know you probably won’t have time to prepare a lavish meal each morning, but try these five tips to improve the nutritional quality of your breakfast. 

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